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Get shucking for the best corn dishes you’ll eat all summer

We’ve all been waiting for it, and the time has come to finally enjoy sweet, sun-kissed corn. These recipes will bring happiness to all the corn lovers out there.

Wondering what to do with all that corn? Tired of the same corn salsa gracing your table? Well, we’ve got you covered and have listed below the top corn recipes to taste this summer.

1. Chilled avocado-and-corn soup with cilantro oil recipe

Chilled avocado and corn soup with cilantro oil

Photo credit: Tasty Yummies

Beat the heat this summer with this chilled avocado-and-corn soup with cilantro oil.

2. Lobster-and-grilled-corn chowder with grilled lemon recipe

Lobster and grilled corn chowder with grilled lemon

Photo credit: Rock Recipes

Need an indulgent and impressive dish that still focuses on summer seasonality? This lobster-and-grilled-corn chowder with grilled lemon is the perfect way to start a meal.

3. Cheesy bacon creamed corn recipe

Cheesy bacon creamed corn

The bacon twist in classic creamed corn makes this cheesy bacon creamed corn a newfound favorite.

4. Corn with chili-cheese mayo recipe

Corn with chile cheese mayo

Photo credit: Lemons for Lulu

Throw some corn onto the grill, and slather it with mayonnaise to make this corn with chili-cheese mayo. Your friends will love you for it.

5. Spicy chipotle corn pudding with bacon recipe

Spicy chipotle corn pudding with bacon

Ever had corn pudding? If not, then start by making this spicy chipotle corn pudding with bacon, and you’ll be hooked.

6. Sweet corn, peach and honey mustard chicken salad recipe

Sweet corn, peach, and honey mustard chicken salad
Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen

This sweet corn, peach and honey mustard chicken salad just screams summer with the addition of both corn and peaches. Perfect for a summer picnic.

7. Sweet corn and egg drop soup recipe

Sweet corn egg drop soup
Blog: Running to the Kitchen

For those chilly summer nights, there’s nothing better than warming up with this sweet corn and egg drop soup.

8. Charred corn and avocado-quinoa salad recipe

 Charred corn and avocado quinoa salad

Photo credit: Two Peas & Their Pod

The addition of poblano peppers, Cotija cheese and a cilantro-lime dressing makes this charred corn and avocado-quinoa salad a summer must-have.

9. Corn salad with avocado and queso fresco recipe

Corn salad with avocado and queso fresco

A light salad like this corn salad with avocado and queso fresco keeps every meal refreshing and flavorful.

10. Roasted corn-and-saffron risotto recipe

Roasted corn and saffron risotto

Photo credit: The View from Great Island

This luscious roasted corn-and-saffron risotto is the perfect accompaniment to your grilled seafood.

11. Lettuce-wrapped BBQ quinoa, kale and corn veggie burgers recipe

 Lettuce wrapped BBQ quinoa, kale, and corn veggie burgers

Photo credit: With Food and Love

Bulk up the classic and flavorless veggie burger by making these quinoa, kale and corn veggie burgers, packed with flavor, texture and altogether goodness.

12. Grilled corn-and-crab salad with summer ale-cilantro vinaigrette recipe

Grilled corn and crab salad with summer ale cilantro vinaigrette

Photo credit: The Beeroness

We love the addition of a favorite summer ale in this grilled corn-and-crab salad with summer ale-cilantro vinaigrette.

13. Roasted corn-and-red-pepper guacamole recipe

Roasted corn and red pepper guacamole

Photo credit: Two Peas & Their Pod

This roasted corn-and-red-pepper guacamole is the perfect addition for a cookout. Serve it as an appetizer with chips and your favorite salsa.

14. Blueberry-corn pie recipe

Blueberry corn pie

Photo credit: Savour Fare

The addition of corn in this blueberry-corn pie is not only ingenious but delicious too. Cornmeal is also added to the crust for extra corn flavor and texture.

15. Corn on the cob: Three ways

Best summer corn recipes

Discover three ways to make delicious corn on the cob, because simply grilling it is never enough.

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