10 Fast-food items from around the world that make us go "hmm"

Aug 1, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Here in the U.S., we get a lot of flak for our very unhealthy and rather, well, repulsive fast-food items. But guess what. The U.S. isn't the only country that's producing strange and extreme fast-food options. If you think the waffle taco is strange, then it's time to take a bite of one of these bizarre drive-through favorites from around the world.

Sure, we have some rather weird options to choose from, like the Crunchwrap Supreme or the infamous KFC Double Down, but places like China, Thailand, Dubai and Japan are giving us a run for our money. Wasabi taco or foie gras burger, anyone?

1. Rice congee, KFC, China

Rice congee, KFC, China

Photo credit: KFC

Nothing goes better with a big bucket o' fried chicken than a side dish of... rice congee? For those who don't know, this Chinese staple is basically a porridge made with vegetables, pork, pickles and preserved eggs. This dish is one of the reasons KFC dominates Mickey D's in the marketplace in most Asian countries.

2. Green tea Blizzards, Dairy Queen, Thailand

Green tea blizzards, Dairy Queen, Thailand

Photo credit: Famous Chris

You know you're in Thailand when you pull up to the local Dairy Queen and the special is a green tea Blizzard. Forget Oreo cookie chunks and M&M's. In Thailand they do their junk food ice cream right — with a whole batch of antioxidants. Finally, an ice cream dessert you can feel good about.

3. Wasabi cheese and seaweed cheese doughnuts, Dunkin' Donuts, Singapore

The cronut was so last week, at least in Singapore. Here at Dunkin' Donuts, patrons can stock up on boxes of wasabi cheese and seaweed doughnuts with their morning cups of joe. If you think this sounds disgusting (we're with you), don't dare breathe that when you're in line. Singaporeans love these doughnuts, and they are a staple on most DD menus.

4. Sprout Surprise Whopper, Burger King, U.K.


If you want your kids to never ask for Burger King again, then take them to a BK in the United Kingdom, and order the Sprout Surprise. This "burger" features a breaded disc made entirely of Brussels sprouts, sandwiched between the normal Whopper fare, like lettuce, tomatoes and special sauce.

5. McAloo Tikki, McDonald's, India

McAloo Tikki, McDonalds, India

Photo credit: McDonald's

McDonald's isn't exactly known for its vegetarian options, at least not in the U.S. However, in India, the McAloo Tikki — a potato-and-bean breaded patty — is one of the most popular options on its fast-food menu. Don't worry, it has a "special sauce" to go with it. We can't promise that's entirely vegetarian, though.

6. Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti, McDonald's, Philippines

Chicken McDo with spaghetti, McDonalds, Philippines

Photo credit: McDonald's

There's nothing worse than having a craving for chicken and spaghetti at the same time and not having a way to satisfy both. I mean, we've all been there, right? Well, if you live in the Philippines, this issue won't ever happen to you, because McDonald's there sells something known as the Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti. This plate gives you a helping of spaghetti and a crispy chicken drumstick at the same time.

7. Crown Crust Carnival Cheeseburger Pizza, Pizza Hut, Dubai


When you see a photo of the Crown Crust Carnival Cheeseburger Pizza, you automatically assume it's an American creation. Who else would create a pizza topped with cheeseburger ingredients and then nestle mini burger patties into the crown-shaped crust? Surely no other country. Well, sadly our influence has spread, because this insane concoction is a favorite in Dubai.

8. Foie Gras burger, Wendy's, Japan

Foie Gras burger, Wendy's, Japan

Photo credit: Wendy's

Even though you can't find the Foie Gras burger at any Wendy's locations in Japan today, it did exist there for over a year. The goose liver pâté burger was topped with fancy cheeses and other high-end ingredients, and sold for over $16 in some of Japan's luxury shopping districts. This is not a burger with which you'd want a simple side order of fries. Maybe some crispy fried truffles instead?

9. Tuna pie, Jollibee, Philippines

Tuna pie, Jollibee, Philippines

Photo credit: Jollibee

You know how people go crazy for the McRib here in the U.S.? In the Philippines, they go crazy for another savory delight — the tuna pie, sold exclusively at Jollibee stores. This little hand pie is stuffed with cooked tuna and vegetables and is served only a few times throughout the year. And now, thanks to locations in a few U.S. states (California, New York, Nevada, Washington and Hawaii), you can buy this fishy pie without dealing with customs forms.

10. The Double Down, KFC, U.S.

The Double Down, KFC, US

Photo credit: KFC

We can't rank a fast-food list without including one U.S. atrocity, and what better than the (thankfully) short-lived Double Down? This "sandwich" was filled with bacon and cheese and then stuffed between two deep-fried "chicken buns." This is arguably one of the strangest, most disgusting and most unique fast-food item out there. And we can thank the good ol' U.S. of A. for that one.

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