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Easy, kid-friendly snacks from scratch

This summer, make your kids their favorite snacks at home. You’ll know what’s in them, and your kids will be excited to help you in the kitchen.

Make it a weekly family activity to make everyone’s favorite snacks at home. Not only will you save tons of money, but you’ll also be able to control what kind of ingredients go into everything. Plus, it’s a fun family event that will bring you all closer together and develop your kids’ cooking and baking skills.

1. Homemade fruit leather recipe

Homemade fruit leather

Photo credit: Two Peas & Their Pod

Instead of buying them at the store (which are filled with high fructose corn syrup, or HFCS), make this homemade fruit leather right in your own kitchen. You can choose the type of fruit, so pick one that’s seasonal and at its ripest.

2. Campfire trail mix recipe

Campfire trail mix

Photo credit: Bake Love Give

We love how the blogger describes this campfire trail mix: “All of the traditional components of s’mores are combined with pretzels and nuts to make a fun summer campfire trail mix.”

3. Goldfish crackers recipe

Goldfish crackers

Photo credit: Cupcake Project

Goldfish crackers — even the adults who are kids at heart will love making this at home.

4. Peanut butter granola balls recipe

Peanut butter granola balls

Photo credit: Two Peas & Their Pod

These peanut butter granola balls are filled with protein-packed peanut butter and sweetened with honey. Mix in chocolate chips and cranberries or whatever you have in your pantry. Ideas: shredded coconut, raisins, butterscotch chips and chopped dates.

5. Homemade salt-and-vinegar chips recipe

Homemade salt and vinegar chips

Photo credit: Chocolate Moosey

The classic salt-and-vinegar chips get revamped by making them at home with this recipe for homemade salt-and-vinegar chips.

6. No-bake Almond Joy snack bites recipe

No-bake Almond Joy snack bites
Photo credit: Two Healthy Kitchens

If your kids love Almond Joy candy bars, these no-bake Almond Joy snack bites are the healthier choice of snack.

7. Healthy candy apple wedges recipe

Healthy candy apple wedges

Photo credit: An Edible Mosaic

Does your child have an insatiable sweet tooth? These healthy candy apple wedges are the trick to satisfying it without all the artificial sugars. Fresh apples, antioxidant-packed dark chocolate and nutrient-dense walnuts make for a terrific summer snack.

8. Whole wheat-and-cheddar mini crackers recipe

Whole wheat and cheddar mini crackers

Photo credit: Karen’s Kitchen Stories

These whole wheat-and-cheddar mini crackers are the ultimate kid snack, so be sure to make a double batch to satisfy hungry tummies.

9. Carrot cake cookie recipe

Carrot cake cookies

Photo credit: Because I Like Chocolate

Made with some great spices, fresh carrots, coconut oil and applesauce, these carrot cake cookies are the perfect little treat to get your little ones to eat carrots.

10. Microwave potato chips recipe

Microwave potato chips

Photo credit: Wonky Wonderful

How ingenius are these microwave potato chips? You can definitely turn this into a fun science project to explain how the microwave cooks the potatoes.

11. Homemade Ritz crackers recipe

Homemade Ritz crackers

Photo credit: Cupcake Project

These homemade Ritz crackers would make the perfect addition to snack time or even to a cheese platter for a get-together.

12. Strawberry-oatmeal breakfast bars recipe

Strawberry oatmeal breakfast bars
Photo credit: The Law Student’s Wife

We love that these strawberry-oatmeal breakfast bars make the perfect on-the-go breakfast option, both for adults and kids alike.

13. Butter pecan-caramel Rice Krispies treats recipe

 Butter pecan caramel rice krispies treats

Photo credit: Simply Southern Baking

These butter pecan-caramel Rice Krispies treats couldn’t get any simpler, with a butter pecan cake mix as part of the ingredients.

14. Ham-and-cheese hand pies recipe

Ham and cheese hand pies

Photo credit: Cook Like a Champion

These savory ham-and-cheese hand pies are a great solution for lunch on the run, with apple slices as dessert.

15. Homemade pita chips recipe

Homemade pita chips

Photo credit: Chocolate Moosey

Purchasing those store-bought bags of delicious pita chips can get expensive, but now you can make homemade pita chips in your own kitchen.

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