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Your face for breakfast, made possible by the selfie toaster

Just when you thought the selfie craze couldn’t get any crazier, it has. The selfie toaster is now a thing. Because sometimes Instagram, Twitter and Facebook just aren’t enough.

Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation knows how to stay relevant. It also has the answer to the burning question, “What in the world do I buy the selfie lover who has everything?”

A selfie toaster, obviously. For just $75, the company will engineer a toaster that produces toast with your smiling face on it.

Imagine this: You’re about to serve the new Mr. Right his first breakfast. You do it up right — perfectly cooked eggs, crisp bacon and, of course, selfie toast. You place the plate in front of him, your gorgeous face staring up into his eyes… and then he runs for the door.

Well, OK, maybe that’s a bad idea. But at least you can still enjoy a nice buttered piece of your face every morning.

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