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Confirmed: Fried chicken Oreos are fake

Somebody didn’t really think fried chicken Oreos were a good idea, did they?

When a picture of fried chicken Oreos hit social media yesterday, the internet got to work picking apart the image for its authenticity, some hoping that all their sweet and salty dreams had just come true, and some wishing with all their might that they would never have the displeasure of tasting such a combination.

Signs were already pointing to this product being a fake. The Oreo website lists no such cookie, and many are calling foul over the bad Photoshop job on the pictured package. This morning we got confirmation from an Oreo representative that this product is indeed fake, saying, “The flavor you are referring to is in fact not real.” And then half the internet breathed a collective sigh of relief.

But who knows? With so many people salivating over this Southern-inspired concoction, maybe Oreo is already in the test kitchen, licking fried chicken crème off a salted cookie.

Stranger things have happened. I’m looking at you, cappuccino Lay’s.

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