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This guy has eaten pizza every day for 25 years

Dan Janssen really likes pizza. So much so that he has eaten a cheesy slice (or more) every single day for the last 25 years. I’d say he deserves his self-proclaimed title “King of Pizza.”
Here, Janssen attempts to find the perfect pizza. Spoiler alert: It absolutely will not have vegetables on it. “To me, this isn’t pizza. This is a bunch of vegetables on crust… it doesn’t taste like pizza.”

And don’t get the wrong idea. He hasn’t eaten nothing but pizza for 25 years. “I’m not an animal,” he says. “I don’t eat everything with my hands.”

Questions you’ll have answered: Does that freezer packed full of pizza have effects on his health? How does his fiancé deal? What would happen if he ate an apple every day? Will he ever get rid of the grease bucket on his stove? Will he ever conquer the dreaded mushroom-laden pizza? Watch to find out.

Buon appetito!

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