The crupcake: When cupcake meets croissant

It’s only been a few months, but the Cronut is already old news. (I’m thinking all those reports of mice droppings at the bakery probably didn’t help.) So it was only a matter of time before the next baked goods hybrid popped up.

Nick Chipman of is the inventor of plenty of enviable culinary delights. Double decker mac and cheese stuffed bacon weave tacos, anyone?

Double decker mac and cheese stuffed bacon weave tacos

Photo credit: DudeFoods

Most recently, he set his sights on a sweet treat to rival the Cronut. It’s the crupcake — half croissant, half cupcake. Although it’s missing the signature bacon that infuses most of his dishes, it looks to have just the right amount of sweet and savory. (But Nick, just for the record, I wouldn’t complain if your next crupcake had just a little bacon in it.)

After a few tries at his latest invention, he nailed the recipe by baking the croissant dough first then topping it with cupcake batter. He still isn’t totally happy with his frosting technique though. “I seriously have no idea how bakeries make theirs look so amazing.” Me either, Nick. Me either. But while the perfectly peaked frosting might elude you, amazing food combinations don’t.

Watch out Dominique Ansel; looks like you might have some competition.

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