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Mott’s new bold juice drink flavors make outdoor fun even better

When you head outside for family fun this spring and summer, be sure to pack the right stuff.

t I can feel it in the air. Spring is coming! After the brutal winter we all barely survived, we need some serious outdoor fun! My girls and I love to have picnics in our yard. In fact, they ask for them even when it is pouring down rain. There is just something special about spreading out a blanket, adding some food and fun drinks, like new Mott’s juice drink flavors, and playing together.


t When you head outside, whether it be to the park for a picnic, the backyard for a friendly family game of soccer or anywhere else where family time is celebrated, be sure to pack the right stuff. In addition to healthy foods like veggies, Mott’s juice drink is a great choice. The new flavors, Strawberry Boom, Wild Grape Surge and Fruit Punch Rush, offer 40 percent less sugar than fruit juices, have no artificial sweeteners and 100 percent daily value of Vitamin C that our kids need!


t My girls are all about these new juice drinks. The bold flavors offer taste and fun in one drink! As a mom, I love that they are getting the hydration they need and Vitamin C to keep their healthy immune systems strong.

t Sometimes we moms have to make hard decisions about what our kids put in their bodies. But when family fun is on the menu, we don’t want to have so many restrictions. So taking new Mott’s juice drinks on family outings lets us feel good about offering our kids the deliciousness they crave.


t How are you planning your spring and summer family fun time activities? I am already looking forward to water parks, the swimming pool, the various parks in our area and play dates on a hot day with good friends!

t No matter what you are doing, remember to pack the sunscreen, hats and other protective gear and the new bold flavors of Mott’s juice drinks.


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