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How to make packed lunches more fun for kids

Something as simple as swapping out juice flavors can make packed lunches more fun.

t Packing three lunches every day gets challenging a few months into the school year. By midyear, I am really struggling; by the end of the year, I am scouring Pinterest looking for any ideas! One of my biggest challenges is keeping my kids interested in what I pack. I am now getting, “Mooom, we are so tired of... ” Lucky for me, Mott’s new juice drinks are making it fun to pack my kids’ lunch again.


t Now in awesome flavors like Strawberry Boom, Wild Grape Surge and Fruit Punch Rush, these Mott’s juice drinks are lower in sugar (40 percent less than fruit juices) and contain no artificial sweeteners. They also contain 100 percent daily value of Vitamin C that our kids need.

t During a busy day at school, my kids need good food to fuel their learning and activity. But none of it makes any difference if they won’t eat it. So anything that makes lunch more fun and encourages kids to eat is a bonus!


t My kids are particular. Six-year-old Sarah only loves grape juice, if she drinks juice at all. So I thought she was a shoo-in for the Wild Grape Surge. And she was! She loved it. But when she tried new Strawberry Boom, she quickly abandoned her lifelong love of grape and declared this was her favorite instead.

t My 7-year-old, Katie, surprised me even more. She is a strawberry or cherry kind of girl and she loved the Wild Grape Surge! While picking my chin up off the floor at my shock, I tried all three. I seriously don’t know how they could decide. The flavors are bold, clean and delicious. In fact, don’t tell anyone… but I might have stolen a few and enjoyed them by myself.


t Making lunch fun again can be as simple as changing what the kids see and taste in their daily lunch kits. By adding these bold, fresh new flavors, I can dress up their lunches in an instant. How do I know it is working? Because my kids ask me to put Mott’s in their lunch every day now!

t Pick up the new flavors of Mott’s and see what your kiddos think.


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