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What makes for an exciting lunch box menu?

Knowing that they’re eating healthy foods even when they’re away from me gives me peace of mind.


t Just the other morning, my oldest daughter, a middle school student, asked me what was in her lunch box that day. When I told her, she gave a little cheer and said, “These are the days I can’t wait to eat my lunch!” I was surprised to see such lunchtime enthusiasm before I’d even had my second cup of coffee, but I was happy too. I work hard to create a variety of healthy lunchtime choices, whether my kids are eating at home or at school, and maintaining an exciting, good-for-you lunch box menu can be challenging.


t There are so many choices out there when it comes to shopping for my kids’ lunches, and it might be easy to be swayed by items that look fun but really aren’t that good for them. I spent a lot of time during the kids’ first days of school explaining why it’s so important to make healthy choices even when it comes to filling up our lunch boxes. Mott’s is always a name that I can trust, and I was excited to see that the new Mott’s flavors, Fruit Punch Rush and Wild Grape Surge, contained 40 percent less sugar than fruit juices.


t I knew that seeing those juice drinks in their lunch boxes would make them smile when they opened their bags at the lunch table at school. Our three girls each have their favorite Mott’s snack and juice drink flavors, right down to the strawberry applesauce that I love to put in there just to mix things up a bit.

t Providing a balanced meal in a lunch box can be fun for the kids, and knowing that they’re eating healthy foods even when they’re away from me gives me peace of mind. Creating healthy eating habits starts young, and I’m glad that now that my kids are older they look forward to their healthy lunches. And every so often, they give a little early morning cheer!

t While all of the content on reflects the honest opinions of our Experts, Mott’s did sponsor this post.

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