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5 Fabulous ways to enjoy a Thin Mint

If you have any other ideas, let me know. I wouldn’t mind doing some more research.

t thin mint cookies

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t When I was a kid, my favorite Girl Scout cookie, hands down, was a Tagalong. Who could resist that combination of velvety peanut butter and crunchy cookie covered in milk chocolate? Really. Who? But Thin Mints? Those were my mother’s cookie. She always wanted a box of those. I could never imagine why.

t These days, when March rolls around, I start to get excited because I know it’s Girl Scout Cookie time. My order will be arriving soon, and it will include at least one box of Thin Mints. Yeah, I know. I don’t like Thin Mints, right? Well, you see, as I’ve matured, I’ve kind of noticed that in many ways I’ve sort of become my mother. I didn’t really want to admit that, but it’s true. And like her, I’ve learned to appreciate that crispy wafer covered in dark chocolate, infused with a hint of mint; not too much, not too little.

t This year, though, I didn’t place my order. No one asked me to buy cookies. Can you believe that? I forgot about them. Even harder to believe. So it took me by surprise that while walking through the mall last week, I came upon them. I saw them from the escalators, set up in a kiosk where the ear piercing stand used to be. I was with my kids and they saw me as I spotted the kiosk. They each grabbed one of my arms and in unison shouted, “Calories! GMOs!” But I didn’t care! Exceptions will be made for Thin Mints! I shook my arms free, shoved my kids out of the way and made a beeline for the boxes. I bought two. Thin Mints. One for me, and one for Mom.

t The following are the five best ways to eat a Thin Mint. These methods were gleaned from years of extensive research (my own, of course) and backed up by a whole lot of people on the internet. If you haven’t tried them, please do. If you have any other ideas, let me know. I wouldn’t mind doing some more research.



t Pure, unadulterated Thin Mints, frozen to crispy perfection. To be eaten by the sleeve.


Dipped lightly in hot chocolate or tea

t Slightly melty goodness. Perfect for a snowy day.


Slathered in peanut butter

t Take that, Tagalongs!


Cookie straw

t I’ve never tried this one, but there are plenty of how-tos online. Really. Take two small bites from opposite sides and then sip milk right through the cookie. Then eat the cookie. What could be bad?

t And my favorite:


Thin Mint ice cream

t Crumbled cookies mixed with vanilla ice cream. Hmmmmm. I wonder if Mom’s finished her box yet…

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