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7 Easy steps to garnished risotto

Scott Skey

Want to learn to cook like a chef? It’s easier than you think!

t At our New York-based catering company Bite, our mantra is “flavor first,” and what better way to celebrate your favorite flavors than with a warm risotto? You can make my risotto base in seven simple steps, and store it in the refrigerator for up to a week. Add your favorite garnishes to make it your own.



t Using a wooden spoon, toast par-cooked rice in a heavy bottomed pot over medium heat.

t Pour in warm stock to just cover rice. Continue cooking and stirring with the wooden spoon until liquid has been completely absorbed.


t Add in your garnishes (wild mushrooms, roasted vegetables, cleaned shellfish, etc). Pour in warm stock to just cover rice.

t Continue cooking and stirring until liquid is absorbed.

t Test your rice by eating a grain. It should look “fat” and hold its shape—but it should not be chalky.

t If it’s still chalky, add another batch of stock to just cover and continue cooking until rice grains are al dente.

t If your rice is already al dente, add just enough stock to give the consistency of loose porridge (risotto should never be thick).


t Finish the risotto by adding shaved Parmesan cheese, cold cubed butter and fine cut fresh chives. Amounts are up to you; there is really no such thing as too much.

t Stir until fully incorporated.

t Check consistency—make sure the risotto is loose and luxuriant (not thick or sticky). Serve!

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