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7 Steps to the perfect risotto

Risotto is the type of food that intimidates many home cooks. But we looked to one of our SheKnows experts to make it easy.


t Chef Scott Skey, who co-owns New York catering company Bite with pastry chef Nick Hosea, knows food. And he also excels in bringing fancy food down to earth with Bite’s mantra of “flavor first.”

t Here, Skey breaks down the perfect risotto into seven simple steps.

t Dice two white onions and mince one clove of garlic.

t In a heavy bottomed pot, “sweat” garlic and onion over very low heat in a mixture of olive oil and whole butter until completely soft and translucent.This should take at least an hour.




t Increase heat and stir in 2 cups short grain short-grain risotto rice (Arborio or carnaroli). “Toast” rice grains with onion and garlic for about 1 minute.

t Pour in enough dry vermouth or white wine to completely cover rice.

t Maintaining medium heat and stirring every now and then, cook until rice has absorbed all the vermouth.

t Pour in stock, completely covering the rice. Keep cooking, keep stirring.

t Once all the liquid has been absorbed, spread rice out onto sheet pans.

t Rice layer should be about one grain thick. Refrigerate until cool and then cover with plastic wrap.Keep until dinner time or up to one week prior to serving.



t Note: This method is great for preparing the dish in advance.

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