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16 Fresh and fruity sangria recipes

Sangria is the ultimate summer drink, and we’re talking all about how to make the best glass.

Nothing says it’s a summertime party more than pulling out a pitcher or two of sangria just as your guests start mingling on your patio. It’s an instant crowd pleaser, perfect for devoted wine drinkers and cocktail lovers alike. Big-batch cocktails are delicious, and when made correctly, they make your party easier to host. It’s one less thing to worry about, and everyone loves sangria.

Steps to making the perfect sangria: 

  1. Choose a wine. Many people suggest using a cheap wine to make sangria, but remember, you still have to drink it. If you’re going red, then use a good Rioja or a pinot noir. If you’re going white, then try an albarino or a pinot grigio.
  2. Choose your fruit. Citrus fruit, like lemons, limes and oranges, are classic additions to sangria, but you can get creative and instead add fresh berries, apples, pears, kiwi fruits and more.
  3. Choose a liqueur. The classic Cointreau pairs well with the traditional citrus fruit version of sangria, but if you’re looking to shake things up, then use something like Campari, Chambord or Midori. These liqueurs balance the sweetness in classic sangria.
  4. Remember to steep the sangria overnight or at least four hours before serving so the flavors meld and the fruit blends with the wine. This is essential to getting the most flavor in your drink.

1. White sangria recipe

White sangria

Photo credit: Diethood

This white sangria is perfect when using your favorite citrus fruit.

2. Vodka, limoncello and prosecco sangria with raspberries recipe

Vodka, limoncello, and processo sangria with raspberries

Photo credit: Creative Culinary

Need an impressive sangria? Try this vodka, limoncello and prosecco sangria with raspberries.

3. White strawberry-kiwi sangria recipe

White strawberry-kiwi sangria

Photo credit: Kitchen Treaty

A classic combination, this white strawberry-kiwi sangria is perfect for brunch.

4. Strawberry-lime rosé sangria recipe

Strawberry lime rose sangria

Photo credit: Kitchen Treaty

We’re loving the use of sangiovese wine in this strawberry-lime rosé sangria.

5. Hard cider sangria recipe

Hard cider sangria

Photo credit: Bakeaholic Mama

A blend of hard cider and apple cider, this hard cider sangria is a unique twist on the classic.

6. Sunset sangria recipe

Sunset sangria

Photo credit: Wine and Glue

Try your hand at sangria with this simple but delicious sunset sangria.

7. Pineapple mojito sangria recipe

Pineapple mojito sangria

Photo credit: Kitchen Treaty

This pineapple mojito sangria brings together the best of both worlds, uniting sangria and mojito lovers.

8. Cherry sangria recipe

Cherry sangria
Photo credit: Wine and Glue

By blending moscato and Amaretto, you’ll get a glass of this sweet cherry sangria to serve your guests.

9. Pomegranate and rosemary white sangria recipe

Pomegranate and rosemary white sangria

Photo credit: Bakeaholic Mama

We’re loving the use of fresh rosemary in this pomegranate and rosemary white sangria.

10. Carolina peach sangria recipe

Carolina peach sangria

Photo credit: Recipe Girl

Carolina peach sangria, packed with fresh peaches, is the perfect summer beverage.

11. Blackberry vodka sangria recipe

Blackberry vodka sangria
Photo credit: Snappy Gourmet

Up the booze content in your sangria by adding vodka, like in this blackberry vodka sangria.

12. Strawberry-watermelon sparkling sangria recipe

Strawberry watermelon sparkling sangria

Photo credit: Nosh and Nourish

Two of our favorite summer fruits shine in this strawberry-watermelon sparkling sangria.

13. Peach and honey sangria slushies recipe

Peach and honey sangria slushies
Photo credit: Snappy Gourmet

What a great idea to turn sangria into frozen slushies. We’re loving these peach and honey sangria slushies.

14. Pineapple rosé sangria recipe

 Pineapple rose sangria

Photo credit: The Roasted Root

The addition of pineapple in this pineapple rosé sangria must make it extra delicious.

15. Red, white and blue sangria recipe

Red, white & blue sangria

Photo credit: Noble Pig

Red, white and blue sangria is the perfect big-batch drink to make for 4th of July weekend.

16. Lazy girl sangria recipe

Lazy girl sangria

Photo credit: Dessert for Two

This lazy girl sangria is perfect for when you want to make only a couple of glasses of it.

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