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21 Doughnut recipes to drool over

Whether they are baked or fried, iced or plain, glazed or dipped, doughnuts have a way of melting our heart and have more than once made us break our diets.

Who doesn’t love a good doughnut? We’ve got a collection of some of the best recipes online, so get into the kitchen, and start baking.

1. Doughnut dessert nachos recipe

Donut dessert nachos

Photo credit: Beyond Frosting

Why not take it to the next level and serve up these doughnut dessert nachos at your next get-together?

2. Cherry lemonade doughnuts recipe

Cherry lemonade doughnuts

Photo credit: Inside BruCrew Life

Sweet and refreshing, these cherry lemonade doughnuts are the perfect summer doughnut.

3. Baked key lime pie doughnuts recipe

Baked key lime pie doughnuts

Photo credit: Taste and Tell

If you love key lime pie, then you’re going to love these key lime pie doughnuts — bite-size versions of the traditional dessert, in doughnut form.

4. Cider-spiced doughnuts recipe

Cider spiced doughnuts

Photo credit: The View from Big Island

Even though it’s not cider season, nothing is more comforting than cider-spiced doughnuts.

5. Blackberry-ginger baked doughnuts recipe

Blackberry ginger baked doughnuts

Photo credit: Wonky Wonderful

We love the creative use of ginger ale in this recipe for blackberry-ginger baked doughnuts. Plus, summer berries are just beginning to hit their peak, so what better use for them?

6. Dulce de leche churro doughnuts recipe

Dulce de leche churro doughnuts

Photo credit: Oh, Sweet Basil

These dulce de leche churro doughnuts just scream decadence. We’re loving the ease of the recipe, which uses store-bought biscuit dough.

7. Strawberry-lemon doughnuts recipe

Strawberry lemon donuts

Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen

Use seasonal berries, and these strawberry-lemon doughnuts are sure to be a hit with friends and family.

8. Paleo peppermint doughnuts recipe

Paleo peppermint donuts

Photo credit: The Healthy Maven

Slather these paleo peppermint doughnuts with a matcha-coconut frosting, and you’ll be surprised at how deliciously healthy this recipe is.

9. Chocolate-orange baked doughnuts recipe

Chocolate orange baked doughnuts

Photo credit: Nutmeg Nanny

The combination of rich chocolate and zesty orange makes these chocolate-orange baked doughnuts a chocolate lover’s dream come true.

10. Easy vanilla cake doughnuts recipe

Easy vanilla cake doughnuts

Photo credit: The Domestic Rebel

Sometimes we have to stick to simplicity, and these vanilla cake doughnuts are just that. Pure vanilla flavor, a classic glaze and the comfort of a traditional doughnut.

11. Maple bacon doughnuts recipe

Maple bacon doughnuts

Photo credit: Baked by Rachel

Probably the best way to start your weekend mornings, these maple bacon doughnuts will have you jumping out of bed.

12. Chocolate-pumpkin doughnut holes with Amaretto glaze recipe

Chocolate pumpkin donut holes with amaretto glaze

Photo credit: Running to the Kitchen

Try these chocolate-pumpkin doughnut holes over a special brunch or breakfast, and indulge in the sweet dough and glaze.

13. Dark chocolate-coconut doughnuts recipe

Dark chocolate coconut donuts

Photo credit: Kelly Bakes

When you combine two amazing ingredients like chocolate and coconut, you get these gorgeously delicious dark chocolate-coconut doughnuts.

14. Saffron doughnuts with rosewater icing recipe

Saffron doughnuts with rosewater icing

Photo credit: Spabettie

Looking for a unique flavor combination? Give these saffron doughnuts with rosewater icing a taste test, and your taste buds will be impressed.

15. Chocolate chip cookie dough-custard doughnuts recipe

Chocolate chip cookie dough custard doughnuts

Photo credit: French Press

Chocolate chip cookie dough-custard doughnuts — say that five times fast. These just might become our BFF.

16. Baked pistachio pudding doughnuts recipe

Baked pistachio pudding donuts

Photo credit: The Law Student’s Wife

Bake up a couple dozen of these baked pistachio pudding doughnuts, and your Sunday mornings will become a treat all on their own.

17. Loaded maple bacon doughnut fries recipe

Loaded maple bacon donut fries

Photo credit: Beyond Frosting

Serve up a huge platter of these loaded maple bacon doughnut fries at your kid’s next birthday party, and you’ll be looked up to as the coolest mom or dad in the neighborhood.

18. Brown butter baked doughnuts with chocolate glaze recipe

Brown butter baked donuts with chocolate glaze

Photo credit: Spoonful of Flavor

Brown butter only makes recipes better, so when you bake up these brown butter baked doughnuts with chocolate glaze, your friends and neighbors will be flocking to your kitchen.

19. Hops doughnuts with lemon curd glaze recipe

Hops donuts with lemon curd glaze

Photo credit: Cupcake Project

Love beer? Well, then, these hops doughnuts with lemon curd glaze are the doughnuts for you. Made by steeping the liquid in the dough with fresh hops, it’s a unique flavor everyone needs to experience.

20. Strawberry cheesecake doughnuts recipe

Strawberry cheesecake donuts

Photo credit: Baked by Rachel

Bite into one of these strawberry cheesecake doughnuts, and savor the creamy filling, the soft dough, and the graham cracker coating all at once.

21. Baked mini cookies-and-cream doughnuts recipe

Baked mini cookies and cream donuts

Photo credit: Overtime Cook

These cookies-and-cream doughnuts will satisfy any craving you have for the chocolate bar, so get baking.

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