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Fresh picks from the farmers market

Ready to hit the farmers market and stock up on fresh, seasonal produce? These bloggers recently visited a Boston area farmers market and found farm-fresh food and so much more.

Farmer’s Pick by Welch’s juices brings fresh-picked taste to the juice aisle all year round. So what better place to introduce their new products than a farmers market? Find out what these five bloggers had to say about the new 100 percent juice.

Farmers market road trip

jordan reid farmers market

Photo credit: Ramshackle Glam

Jordan Reid, author of Ramshackle Glam: The New Mom’s Haphazard Guide to (Almost) Having It all, makes even a trip to the farmers market seem glamorous. (Seriously. How cute is she?) With husband and toddler in tow, Jordan road-tripped it to the market where she spent most of her time obsessing over the Mango Farmer’s Pick by Welch’s juice that “allows you to feel like you’re eating liquid mangoes all year ’round, as opposed to the three seconds when they’re in season.” Read more about Jordan’s farmers market road trip, including more delicious finds in Boston’s South End, on her blog, Ramshackle Glam.

Abundance at the market

Farmer's Pick by Welch's juices

Photo credit: Delicious Dishings

When Megan moved to a new part of town, she didn’t have high expectations for the local farmers market. Fortunately, she was overwhelmed and impressed by the huge market in her new ‘hood. Fresh produce, prepared meals and handcrafted bath products are some of her favorite finds. On a recent Saturday, she was also happy to sample something new. Farmer’s Pick by Welch’s juices in Concord Grape, Blackberry and Mango flavors bring fresh-picked fruit taste to the juice aisle. Which flavor was Megan’s favorite? Find out on her blog, Delicious Dishings.


Photo credit: Ashton Keefe

A classically trained chef with a résumé that would impress any foodie, Ashton Keefe knows fresh produce. After sampling the new Farmer’s Pick by Welch’s juices at the farmers market, she was impressed with the taste and the way the juice is prepared. Ashton likened the unfiltered, cold-kettle batched preparation to “trendy juice bar methods.” Visit Ashton’s blog for a chicken and grape kebabs with thyme recipe featuring Farmer’s Pick 100% Juice Concord Grape.

Thirst-quenching goodness

Thirst-quenching goodness

Photo credit: Mom Generations

Audrey and her two youngest kids were excited to sample the new Farmer’s Pick by Welch’s juices at the farmers market. And it was a good thing they did, since her son said he was “so thirsty, I’m going to fall down!” Thankfully, he quenched his thirst with the 100 percent unfiltered juice. Check out the other highlights of Audrey’s trip to the market on her blog, Mom Generations.

Sipping and sharing at the fruit stand

Sipping and sharing at the fruit stand

Photo credit: Nutritious Life

Amanda was excited to soak up the fresh air and sunshine at the opening weekend of the farmers market. While there, she tasted lots of goodies, including the new Farmer’s Pick by Welch’s juices. The bold, rich taste stood out to Amanda and the other taste-testers who had no trouble identifying the three juice flavors. While sipping, the tasters shared recipe ideas, including flavored sparkling water and yogurt Popsicles. Get these recipes and read more about Amanda’s other farmers market discoveries on the blog Nutritious Life.

This post was sponsored by Farmer’s Pick by Welch’s.

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