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20 Ways to love peas this summer

If you’re used to just popping peas out of their pod and snacking on them raw, then let us open your taste buds up to new ways to use them in recipes.

Garden peas, snow peas, snap peas — no matter what you call them, they’re what leisurely summer days are all about. Do you have memories of snapping peas out of their pods, pound after pound, on the family porch? Having a huge bowl of peas out of their shells made you feel proud and get excited about what dinner recipes would await them.

1. Portuguese-style braised peas with eggs recipe

Portuguese-style braised peas with eggs

Blog: Crumb Blog

Portuguese-style braised peas with eggs are the perfect hearty breakfast before a long day. You can also serve this dish as dinner alongside some crusty bread, but make sure to use authentic chouriço for that gorgeous red-colored sauce.

2. Peas with prosciutto recipe

Peas with prosciutto

Blog: A Family Feast

A classic combination, these peas with prosciutto make for a quick but impressive side dish.

3. Sweet pea and crispy bacon risotto recipe

Sweet pea and crispy bacon risotto

Blog: Diethood

This sweet pea and crispy bacon risotto is a well-balanced dish. The fresh, sugary peas pair well with the salty, savory bacon.

4. Zucchini, mint and pea fritters recipe

Zucchini, mint, and pea fritters

Blog: Crumb Blog

An abundance of zucchini makes for creative recipes, like these zucchini, mint and pea fritters. It’s great when served either as an appetizer or meat-free main dish for summer parties.

5. Green pea salad with bacon and almonds recipe

Green pea salad with bacon and almonds

Blog: The Law Student’s Wife

We’re loving this green pea salad with bacon and almonds for a couple reasons, the main one being that the textures sound fantastic. Sweet peas, salty bacon, crunchy almonds — what else can you ask for?

6. Sweet pea and Parmesan tartines recipe

Sweet pea and parmesan tartines

Blog: Simple Bites

The perfect little party appetizer, these sweet pea and Parmesan tartines are basically mashed peas with a few essential flavors like garlic and olive oil to make them into a spread for a crisp baguette.

7. Sweet pea soup recipe

Sweet pea soup

Blog: Crumb Blog

This sweet pea soup takes barely 15 minutes to make, includes Greek yogurt (making it a healthier version) and showcases the natural pea flavor.

8. Spring pea salad recipe

Spring pea salad

Blog: Flavor Mosaic

Made with six simple and accessible ingredients, this spring pea salad can be made with frozen, canned or fresh peas for a delicious take on a family salad.

9. Bacon pasta salad primavera recipe

Bacon pasta salad primavera

Blog: Flavor Mosaic

For all the bacon lovers out there, you have to make this bacon pasta salad primavera. Pasta salads are perfect for summer parties and get-togethers.

10. Pea-camole recipe


Blog: Simple Bites

Instead of the classic guacamole, make this pea-camole, and get picky eaters to eat peas.

11. Spring green risotto with peas, asparagus and fennel recipe

Spring green risotto with peas, asparagus, and fennel

Blog: The View from Great Island

Serve up this spring green risotto with peas, asparagus and fennel, which screams of fresh summer produce, and your guests will be delighted.

12. Summer vegetables carbonara recipe

Summer vegetable bacon carbonara

Blog: Bran Appetit

Most summer dishes with peas are light, but this rich summer vegetables carbonara will leave you wanting more. Comforting, flavorful and fresh, you must try it.

13. Spring pea salad with crème fraîche and herbs recipe

Fresh spring pea salad with crème fraiche and herbs

Blog: The Tomato Tart

This spring pea salad with crème fraîche and herbs is the perfect salad to use up all the herbs your garden will be producing this season.

14. Quinoa salad with asparagus, peas and avocado in lemon-basil dressing recipe

Quinoa salad with asparagus, peas, avocado, and lemon basil dressing

Blog: Two Peas & Their Pod

This spring quinoa salad is packed with fresh seasonal produce like peas and asparagus and then dressed with a fresh basil-lemon dressing.

15. Beet and potato salad recipe

Beet and potato salad

Blog: Taste Love & Nourish

Pack this beet and potato salad with fresh peas for your next picnic, and delight your guests with a twist on the classic potato salad. Plus, the color the beets add is gorgeous.

16. Spring leek and pea risotto recipe

Spring leek and pea risotto

Blog: The Little Ferraro Kitchen

Take your time and stir into this spring leek and pea risotto to serve to a special someone. Creamy and rich, it’s a meal all on its own.

17. Asparagus, peas and goat cheese empanadas recipe

Asparagus, peas, and goat cheese empanadas

Blog: Laylita’s Recipes

Give your empanadas a seasonal twist with these asparagus, peas and goat cheese empanadas.

18. Spring pea soup recipe

Spring pea soup

Blog: Nutmeg Nanny

Sip on this spring pea soup on a cool summer night, and bask in all the summer glory.

19. Tuna pasta salad recipe

Tuna pasta salad

Blog: The Novice Chef

Sometimes all you need is total comfort food, and this tuna pasta salad is just that.

20. Pea and radish salad with goat cheese recipe

Pea and radish salad with goat cheese

Blog: Not Just Baked

Pair three great ingredients to make this pea and radish salad with goat cheese, which makes the perfect side dish to your grilled proteins this summer.

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