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17 Brazilian recipes for all your FIFA World Cup watching

The world is about to explode into celebration with the FIFA World Cup taking place in Brazil these next few weeks. Here are some delicious recipes to create at home to get you in the mood.

The World Cup is in full swing, and what better what to celebrate than to recreate some authentic and inspired Brazilian food in your own home kitchen? Brazilian food is based on fresh produce, great spice combinations, the addition of dried nuts and fruits to savory dishes and a variety of sweet desserts that will satisfy even the hungriest of fans.

1. Brazilian cheese bread recipe

Brazilian cheese bread
Blog: Autumn Makes & Does

Brazilian cheese bread, a staple in every kitchen, bakery and home, is delicious and gluten free.

2. Brazilian chicken turnovers recipe

Brazilian chicken turnovers

Blog: Dinners Dishes & Desserts

Packed with dried fruit, nuts, chicken and spices, these Brazilian chicken turnovers are served alongside an avocado-yogurt dipping sauce that cools the blend of spices.

3. Acai breakfast bowls recipe

Acai breakfast bowls

Blog: Cooking with Books

Start your day with these acai breakfast bowls packed with dried fruit, nuts and more, and you’ll be ready to tackle everything that comes your way.

4. Brazilian grilled flank steak recipe

Brazilian grilled flank steak

Blog: My Man’s Belly

Brazilian grilled flank steak is grilled to perfection and marinated in a mixture of fresh herbs, peppers and spices for a flavorful cut of meat to accompany your side dishes.

5. Brazilian fish stew recipe

Brazilian fish stew

Blog: What’s Gaby Cooking

Brazilian fish stew, also known as moqueca, is loaded with authentic flavors like palm oil, garlic and fresh herbs. They all come together with mahimahi and shrimp to make this a Brazilian dish not to be forgotten.

6. Brazilian coconut rice recipe

Brazilian coconut rice

Blog: Oh, Sweet Basil

Brazilian coconut rice, best served alongside fresh fish stew or even grilled steak, is best when piping hot. The tender coconut brings an amazing aroma to the simple dish.

7. Shrimp and yuca bowl recipe

Shrimp and yuca bowl

Blog: Cynthia Presser, Cooking with a Twist

This shrimp and yuca bowl, also known as escondidinho de camarão, is an authentic Brazilian dish using fresh shrimp and yuca root, ingredients found in Brazil and all over the world now.

8. Brigadeiro recipe


Blog: What’s Gaby Cooking

Brigadeiro, the most classic and easiest Brazilian dessert you’ll ever make, is basically just three ingredients. Give it a try before the game.

9. Cheesy fresh tomato squares recipe

Cheesy fresh tomato squares

Blog: Hungry Food Love

Although not traditional Brazilian fare, these cheesy fresh tomato squares combine perfectly with the Brazilian flag.

10. Cod croquettes recipe

Cod croquettes

Blog: Cynthia Presser, Cooking with a Twist

Cod, especially salted cod, is widely used in Brazilian cookery, and these cod croquettes are a prime example of the use of fresh cod in recipes.

11. Black bean and shrimp pastry cups recipe

Black bean and shrimp pastry cups

Blog: Foodie with Family

These black bean and shrimp pastry cups would make the perfect appetizer when served on their own or a great main dish when served with a salad.

12. Sea bass ceviche recipe

Sea bass ceviche

Blog: What’s Gaby Cooking

This sea bass ceviche — with mangoes, cucumbers, avocados and more — is the perfect appetizer on a hot summer day.

13. Pineapple caipirinha recipe

Pineapple caipirinhna

Blog: Laylita’s Recipes

Sip on this pineapple caipirinha whether your team wins or loses — it’s bound to be the cocktail of the World Cup.

14. Classic Brazilian flan recipe

Classic Brazilian flan

Blog: Cynthia Presser, Cooking with a Twist

This classic Brazilian flan is silky and sweet and delicious served on its own or with fresh berries. Try this dessert to celebrate your favorite soccer team win.

15. Torta de limão recipe

Torta de limao

Blog: Oh, Sweet Basil

Torta de limão, also known as key lime bars, are a classic Brazilian dessert. Slightly tart, slightly sweet, this bar’s creamy texture will have you coming back for more.

16. Passion fruit mousse recipe

Passion fruit mousse

Blog: Laylita’s Recipes

Passion fruit can be found in puree form and at times even fresh at your local markets. Use it to make this passion fruit mousse, a sweet treat to serve at your FIFA party.

17. Tucanos fried bananas recipe

Tucanos fried bananas

Blog: Oh, Sweet Basil

Tucanos fried bananas, made popular by the Brazilian restaurant of the same name, are a great way to use up bananas. Think a combination of bananas Foster with a crunchy coating.

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