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What are seasoned chefs cooking this Fourth of July?

In need of some inspiration for your Fourth of July menu? Look no further — we asked seven of our favorite chefs what they’ll be making for their families this Independence Day.

Go beyond the basic burger recipe with these suggestions from seven of our favorite chefs. Here’s what they will be cooking up with their families come Fourth of July. Can’t wait to enjoy these flavors? There’s no reason you can’t fire up the grill tonight. Which will you be making?

Craig Schauffel, Vice President for Research and Culinary Innovation at Three Bridges

“I will be fixing BBQ baby back ribs. I usually mix up the rubs and sauces. I like a dried chili rub with a mango-lime glaze or a simple pepper and garlic rub with the classic BBQ sauce. I’ll also be serving my mother’s potato salad. It’s simple and good with apple cider vinegar, onions, eggs, sunflower oil and salt and pepper. Oh, and her secret ingredient: a dash of pickle juice.”

Anthony Meidenbauer, Corporate Executive Chef at Block16 Hospitality

“I will be grilling ribeye steaks and corn. It sounds simple, but it’s a crowd favorite and easy to prepare. Steak is an American favorite and for me ribeye is the best. If you can get your hands on a dry-aged steak that’s even better. Then I fix my corn Mexican street style — brushed with mayonnaise and dusted with chili powder and grated Cotija cheese, and finished off with a squeeze of lime juice.”

Eli Kirshtein, Executive Chef & Partner at The Luminary

“I like mixing flavors and cultures to keep it interesting. We may start with a Vietnamese-style grilled chicken wing followed by a grilled lamb for sandwiches, and finish off with a banana (peel-on) studded with spices and coffee beans, then smoked slowly and served with ice cream. I love translating my favorite dishes from the kitchen to the grill.”

Ben Ford, Executive Chef at Ford’s Filling Station

“This year, I think a clambake is in order. I will be cooking with a few other chefs, and I’m sure it will be a huge hit. The seafood is definitely the star of the show at a clambake, but the sides can shine too. I’ve prepared artichokes with this meal before, and the combination of the wood smoke, seaweed, onions and sausage were key in creating an artichoke that was out of this world.”

Hugh Acheson, Chef and Partner at Five & Ten and Top Chef Judge

“This year I’ll be preparing my favorite Dilly Tomatoes. They are a spin on classic pickles and traditional canned tomatoes. They are not only delicious on their own, but also used in salads, paired with fresh cheese as an appetizer or as a complement for a savory dessert. It’s always fun to let my two daughters pick the tomatoes and help chop the fresh herbs.”

Ray Whitlock, Executive Chef at The Georgia Club

“We will be grilling steak, fish and veggies — weather permitting, of course. My wife will do some island food — lumpia or dumplings. We make things up mostly, but when we do use a recipe it will be an old family recipe. They are magical. You’re doing something your grandmother or great-grandmother did for your dad when he was little. It makes a real connection that I find fascinating.”

George Duran, Host of Ultimate Cake Off and author of Take this Dish and Twist It

“I’ll be making spicy turkey burgers with a fried egg on top. I fry the egg directly on the grill using grilling sheets. I also love getting the kids involved by having them do simple tasks like making the burger patties or mixing up the sauces.”

Now that you’ve got a few new ideas for what to fix, don’t forget to pick up some Open Nature Meat from Safeway for the perfect Independence Day.

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