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10 Reasons you need a grill

On the fence as to whether you should buy a grill? Let us help your decision making process with these top 10 reasons you need a grill… pronto.

Even before George Foreman got in on the grill business, this cooking method was the top choice of many Americans because it is easy, healthy — and, let’s face it, food just looks better with a few grill marks. Need more convincing? Check out our top 10 reasons you need a grill.

1. Less fat

Grilled meats actually have less fat than frying or even baking because the fat drips off of the food as it cooks, however it retains its juiciness and flavor. You can also start by picking leaner cuts of meat, which all have leaner cuts that are free of added hormones, no added antibiotics or nitrates or nitrites and are all vegetarian fed to ensure premium flavor.

2. Fewer sauces and condiments

Because grilling uses high heat, it actually seals in all the yummy juices so your food stays tender and moist without needing to add high-calorie oil, butter or other sauces. Just sprinkle on some spices for meat and vegetables that are mouthwatering and healthy.

3. Instant party

Do you have a grill and pool? Then you have an instant party. There is something about the casual nature of grilling out and swimming that translates into an instant party. Kids love playing outside while eating hot dogs or hamburgers fresh off the grill, while adults can enjoy conversation and cocktails over a barbecued chicken or steak.

4. Huge selection

Whether you have a small patio or balcony and want a basic grill to get started — or have a large space and want something fully loaded that is ready to feed the Smith family annual reunion extravaganza, you will find it. From portable grills that can be used outdoors and indoors (which is great during the winter months), small charcoal grills or even propane grills that let you cook food with the turn of a dial, shop around for the one that best suits your needs, budget and space.

5. Lower electricity bill

Cooking in your kitchen heats up the house, requiring you to kick up your air conditioner — especially in those warm summer months. Keep your cool (and more money in your pocket) by grilling outside.

6. One word: Kabobs

Who doesn’t love kabobs? Whether you have kids or are cooking a romantic dinner for two, kabobs are versatile, delicious, fun and easy to cook on the grill. Pick up some wood skewers (metal skewers get too hot) and thread chicken, beef or pork, as well as vegetables and seafood through the skewers. Make sure your meat and vegetables are all cut to the same size so they cook equally. Have a vegetarian in the group? Leave out the meat. Better yet, have your guests assemble their own kabobs. You can even grill fruit kabobs for dessert, which leaves us to our next reason to love grilling…

7. Versatile cooking

You know meats and vegetables taste delicious when grilled, but did you know that pizza, fruit, pound cake, quesadillas and even avocados taste amazing when cooked over a grill? The sky is the limit. Get creative and have fun impressing your friends and family by cooking some of their favorite meals over the grill.

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8. Clean kitchens

You can take the night off from scrubbing pots and pans, countertops, your stovetop and (if your kids are anything like mine) even your floor when you grill out. Even though periodically you will need to give your grill a good scrub-down, most of the time you can just use a stiff wire brush to clean off the grates after you have used it. In addition, many gas grills have a “clean” setting which helps burn off food that has fallen under the grates.

9. Healthier veggies

Because vegetables are cooked at a higher temperature on the grill, they don’t need to be cooked as long which means they keep more of their vitamins and minerals. That’s right, the longer vegetables are cooked, the more vitamins are leached out. Shorter cooking time preserves their nutritional content.

10. Great taste

This has to be one of the top reasons to own a grill: It is hard to beat the smoky flavor of meats and vegetables when cooked over the grill. They are juicy, yet cooked to perfection which is sure to please even the pickiest eater.

Getting hungry yet? It’s time to get grillin’.

Now that you have all the best insider secrets for a killer Fourth of July cookout, don’t forget to pick up some Open Nature Meat from Safeway to finish off your perfect Independence Day.

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