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Forget store-bought, make these DIY condiments instead

Come summer, we start hoarding condiments like they’re going out of style. A variety of store-bought ketchups, mayonnaises, mustards and more crowd our fridge door. Today we bring you a list of some of the best condiments you can make yourself.

This summer, make your own condiments with inspiration from these recipes. We’re loving the unique flavors of these sauces, ketchups, mustards and mayonnaises.

1. Old-fashioned relish recipe

Old fashioned relish

This old-fashioned relish uses a food processor to make the process easier. We’re loving this method.

2. Port wine cherry mustard recipe

Port wine cherry mustard

We’re loving the unique flavors of this port wine cherry mustard and dreaming of using it as a component to our next summer cheese platter.

3. Bourbon-spiked barbecue sauce recipe

Bourbon spiked barbecue sauce

This bourbon-spiked barbecue sauce has the perfect combination of sweetness from the brown sugar and spice from the bourbon.

4. Garlic chili sauce recipe

Garlic chili sauce

This garlic chili sauce is a great accompaniment to grilled fish and also when swirled into pasta salad for a hint of spice.

5. Cumin and lime mayonnaise recipe

Cumin and lime mayonnaise

A big favorite for cookouts, mayonnaise is where the lovers and the haters separate. But with this cumin and lime mayonnaise, we think everyone will become a mayo lover this summer.

6. Basic salsa recipe

Basic salsa

You’ll need this recipe for basic salsa to top burgers, tacos and hot dogs this season.

7. Creamy cucumber dressing recipe

Creamy cucumber dressing

This creamy cucumber dressing will brighten up any summer salad.

8. Romesco sauce recipe

Romesco sauce

Romesco sauce, made with almonds, tomatoes and peppers, is a bright sauce to dollop onto grilled vegetables.

9. Rhubarb barbecue sauce recipe

Rhubarb barbecue sauce

An early summer condiment, this rhubarb barbecue sauce is the perfect way to indulge in rhubarb season.

10. Cashew cream recipe

Cashew cream

Another nut-based sauce, this cashew cream is a great base for party dips. Drizzle it over salads, slather it on sandwiches, and even serve it with fish.

11. Sweet and spicy BBQ sauce recipe

Sweet & spicy BBQ sauce

This sweet and spicy BBQ sauce would taste amazing brushed on ribs or served alongside your burgers.

12. Green tabasco sauce recipe

Green tabasco sauce

If you’re a lover of spice, then this green tabasco sauce will bring the kick you need to your grilled foods.

13. Tangy Southern peach barbecue and mop sauce recipe

Tangy Southern peach barbecue and mop sauce

A peach BBQ sauce? We’re ready for our next cookout and drooling over these flavors.

14. Lemon thyme mustard recipe

Lemon Thyme Mustard

This herbal lemon thyme mustard would be great slathered on a grilled hot dog.

15. Chinese-inspired plum sauce recipe

Chinese-inspired plum sauce

Brush this Chinese-inspired plum sauce on chicken breasts and thighs, and your cookout will have a hint of cultural flair.

16. Garlic scape pesto recipe

Garlic scape pesto

Toss this garlic scape pesto with warm potatoes and a dollop of mayonnaise for a unique twist on potato salad.

17. Celery ranch dressing recipe

Celery ranch dressing

Love ranch dressing? Then try this celery ranch dressing, made with a base of coconut milk for added natural sweetness.

18. Rosemary apricot mustard recipe

Rosemary apricot mustard

The added touch of fruit in this rosemary apricot mustard makes this a sweet and savory mustard with a variety of uses.

19. Sriracha comeback sauce recipe

Sriracha comeback sauce

Sriracha comeback sauce, for the Sriracha sauce lovers, is the perfect dipping sauce for fried foods.

20. Zucchini pepper sweet relish recipe

Zucchini-pepper sweet relish

A new twist to classic relish, this zucchini pepper sweet relish uses the abundance of summer zucchini.

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