Beef and hummus recall is just an excuse to eat tons of bacon this weekend

The USDA yanked a whopping 1.8 million pounds of ground beef from store shelves, citing possible E. coli contamination, along with nearly 15,000 pounds of hummus possibly tainted with listeria. We don’t know about you, but we like our holiday munchies minus debilitating stomach cramps. Follow our lead (and the natural order of the universe) and stock up instead on these bacon-laden goodies.

Frying bacon

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1. Loaded Buffalo bacon

Loaded buffalo bacon

Let’s just get right to it, shall we? This irresistible dish doesn’t mess around — it’s all about the bacon, baby. Think crispy, delicious strips coated in Buffalo wing sauce and blue cheese for a taste sensation that is spicy and savory and cheesy. Nom nom nom. We’re pretty sure this is the kind of thing Colonel Sanders was describing when he coined the phrase “finger lickin’ good.”

2. Jalapeño bacon dip

jalapeno bacon dip

You can’t have a holiday party without at least one killer dip, and this jalapeño bacon wonder is just the trick for your hummus-free weekend. It’s cheesy, creamy and loaded with bacon. In short, it should arguably be in contention for the title of eighth wonder of the world.

3. Chocolate-covered candied bacon

Chocolate covered candied bacon

Ahh, chocolate and bacon. Individually, each lives in the realm of things that seem nearly impossible to improve, until they come together and magic ensues. You know, like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, or cocktails and pedicures. Chocolate-covered candied bacon, if you can believe, is even better than those.

4. Pimiento cheese and bacon crostini

Pimiento cheese and bacon crostini

If you haven’t partaken of pimiento cheese before, you’re missing out. But if you haven’t noshed on pimiento cheese topped with bacon? Well, you’re just doing your life all wrong. Get it back on track by serving up a liberal dollop of the tasty combo on crunchy crostini.

5. Loaded sweet-potato skins

Loaded sweet potato skins

This one’s a no-brainer… I mean, sweet potatoes are good for you. And bacon is good for you, too, because it makes you happy. Therefore, sweet potatoes topped with bacon are basically health food. Am I right or am I right?

6. BLTs with fried eggs and guacamole


You can’t go wrong with this baby on Sunday or Monday morning when your holiday weekend festivities lend themselves to a brain-screaming hangover (hey, no judgment). The combination of carbs, guac and fried eggs in this BLT is sure to sop up that leftover mojito in your system.

7. Candied-bacon chocolate chip cookies

Candied bacon chocolate chip cookies

What can we say? There’s something about infusing classic chocolate chip cookies with candied bacon that feels downright patriotic. Not to mention that the intoxicating smell of these sweet treats cooking will drive the menfolk wild. Just think of it as your cool new party trick.

8. Sweet and spicy bacon-wrapped chicken

Sweet and spicy bacon-wrapped chicken

Who needs tainted beef when you’ve got chicken breasts wrapped in smoky bacon rubbed down in spicy chili powder and brown sugar? It’s kind of like turducken’s sexy cousin. Now, please excuse me while I wipe the copious amounts of drool from my mouth before I’m mistaken for a St. Bernard.

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