Kitchen tips inspired by Chef Carl Casper

May 19, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. ET
Image: Open Roads Films

In Chef The Movie, Chef Carl Casper's love for life is only outshined by his passion for cooking. Since we can't try his dishes first-hand, we've decided to use some tips inspired by him to create masterpieces of our own.

Know Your Knives

Know your knives

A knife is not just a knife, or so we've heard. If you want crazy knife skills like Chef Carl Casper, you have to make sure you're using the right tool for the job.

Have the tools you need

Even in his tiny food truck, Casper makes sure all the tools he needs are within reach. Know what tools are necessary, as well as what to do with them.

Cut an onion

Casper chops his veggies — onions included — with all the skill you'd expect from a master chef. Learn how to chop your onions quickly and evenly with this video. And remember, real chefs don't cry.

Grill your veggies

Chef Carl Casper doesn't just steam or boil his veggies. The dishes on his food truck are cooked right on the grill — veggies included. Watch this video to learn how to get the most flavor from your veggies, using just your grill.

Cook perfect pork

Chef Casper's specialty is Cubano sandwiches, and you can't make those without mouthwatering pork. Watch this video to learn how to prepare a perfect pork tenderloin.

Use fresh garlic

We can bet Casper used plenty of garlic during his restaurant days, and we're pretty sure he didn't use the jarred stuff. For the best flavor, use fresh. It's not nearly as hard to work with as you've probably imagined.

Serve sandwiches hot

Casper wouldn't dare serve a cold sandwich, and you shouldn't either. Watch this video for some of of our favorite recipes for dinner-worthy hot sandwiches.

Ready to get inspired yourself? Watch this trailer for Chef the Movie, then get cooking.


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