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The juiciest, most mouthwatering burger recipes for summer

Sometimes all you crave is a juicy burger. The perfect bun, the saucy condiments and the meaty patty create a trifecta of perfect elements. Enjoy one (or three!) of any of these burgers during your next cookout.

It’s officially grilling season, and we’re rejoicing! Compiled below are some of the best burger recipes we could find. They’re here to inspire you to make your own burgers this weekend, but you can just stare and drool if that’s your style. We won’t judge.

1. BBQ beef beet burger recipe

BBQ beef beet burgers

What happens when you mix the best veggie burger with a juicy beef one? These BBQ beef beet burgers appear.

2. Garden salad feta-stuffed burger recipe

Garden salad feta stuffed burgers

If you’re trying to keep a balance and still eat healthy at all these cookouts, then these garden salad feta-stuffed burgers will help in keeping that balance of delicious health.

3. Spinach and feta grilled turkey burger recipe

Spinach and feta grilled turkey burgers

We all know turkey burgers tend to be dry and flavorless, but Rebecca over at Foodie with Family has a recipe for spinach and feta grilled turkey burgers that aren’t dry and are actually flavorful. She added wilted spinach to the ground turkey, which gives it that needed moisture.

4. Black bean beef burgers with blue cheese and onion marmalade recipe

Black bean beef burgers with blue cheese and onion marmalade

Want to add some heft and protein to your usual beef burgers? Then try these black bean beef burgers with blue cheese and onion marmalade.

5. Brazilian burger with egg recipe

Brazilian burger with egg

An authentic Brazilian burger with egg is made using a blend of beef and chorizo. Slathering it with both ketchup and mayonnaise makes it even more classic.

6. Chipotle honey BBQ burger recipe

Chipotle honey BBQ burgers

Not only are these chipotle honey BBQ burgers a sweet-savory combination, but they are also stuffed with blue cheese. So delicious!

7. Barbecue bacon green chili burger recipe

Barbecue bacon green chili burgers

A blend of some of our favorite ingredients, these barbecue bacon green chili burgers are packed with flavor from the bacon fat and the spicy chilies.

8. Kentucky Hot Brown burger recipe

Kentucky hot brown burger

Love a good Kentucky Hot Brown? Well, this Kentucky Hot Brown burger is a great twist on the classic sandwich.

9. Taco burger recipe

Taco burgers

Love Mexican food and juicy burgers? These taco burgers are packed with corn chips, taco seasoning and cheese for your enjoyment.

10. Patty melt recipe

Patty melt

To us, a patty melt is the ultimate comfort food. You’ve got melted cheese, juicy burger meat and caramelized onions. What else could you ever need in life?

11. Chipotle jack bacon burger recipe

Chipotle jack bacon burgers

These chipotle jack bacon burgers should be made religiously every weekend. Switch up the type of peppers, or use a variety of bacon (we think a sweet maple-cured bacon would pair well).

12. Bourbon burger recipe

Bourbon burger

If your favorite drink is bourbon and your favorite food is burgers, then this bourbon burger will be your dream come true. Bourbon is added to the ground meat to impart flavor and moistness — genius.

13. Turkey sliders with Sriracha sauce and pepperoni recipe

Turkey sliders with sriracha and pepperoni

For the ground turkey fans, these turkey sliders with Sriracha sauce and pepperoni are what you need in your life.

14. Classic American cheeseburger recipe

Classic American cheeseburger

Sometimes all you crave is a classic, like this classic American cheeseburger. Perfect way to start the summer.

15. Stout and Sriracha sauce barbecue bacon burger recipe

Stout and sriracha barbecue bacon burgers

Since you’re already drinking beer with your burgers, why not add them to the recipe as well? These stout and Sriracha sauce barbecue bacon burgers pack some spice from the Sriracha sauce, but we’re hoping the stout cools it down.

16. Asian BBQ burger with Sriracha sauce mayonnaise recipe

Asian BBQ burger with sriracha mayo

An Asian BBQ burger with Sriracha sauce mayonnaise is the perfect burger for those who love Asian condiments like Sriracha sauce. Folding the spicy condiment into mayonnaise calms the heat and makes the perfect sauce for slathering burger buns and dipping fries in.

17. Pizza burger recipe

Pizza Burgers

These pizza burgers will have your kiddos begging for more. And remember, the more cheese, the merrier.

18. Tandoori-style chicken burger recipe

Tandoori style chicken burgers

Packed with spices like turmeric, curry and garam masala, these tandoori-style chicken burgers are the perfect burger to bring a little more spice into your regular cookouts.

19. Bacon and blue cheese sliders recipe

Bacon and blue cheese sliders

Although we’re loving these bacon and blue cheese sliders, we love Simple Bites’ tips for perfect burgers even more.

20. Roasted garlic butter burger recipe

Roasted garlic butter burgers

Pack your burgers with the flavor of roasted garlic with these roasted garlic butter burgers. Just make sure to not kiss anyone afterward.

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