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Easy ways to eat more whole foods

Eat better to feel better. It’s no stretch of the imagination or experimental way of thinking. A holistic diet sets women up to feel their best and tackle demanding daily schedules.

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A whole-foods diet doesn’t mean boring eating or even skimping on portions — It can be achieved by making simple ingredient switches. Next time you’re racing through the grocery store aisles, consider these purchasing choices for a more holistic diet.

Switch to whole grain

Whole-grain bread, whole-grain pasta, whole-grain cereal — you get the picture. No need to get rid of the carbs; eating clean just means knowing which carbs are good carbs. We like whole grain.

Replace processed snacks for real foods

Snacks in between meals can be the biggest pitfall when trying to eat clean. Instead of processed nutrition bars, consider a fresh nut mix, fresh-ground peanut butter with celery or apple slices and sharp cheddar cheese squares as conscious snacking replacements. In need of ideas? Check out 20 healthy make-ahead snacks.

Fresh produce instead of canned

Fresh veggies

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Canned, jarred or cupped fruit may last longer in the cupboard, but there’s a reason for that. These foods may appear to be healthy options, but are highly processed with added sugar and preservatives. Try a fresh pineapple instead of a pineapple cocktail cup, a fresh apple instead of sweetened applesauce cups and a fresh peach instead of canned peaches. Don’t visit the grocery store often enough to keep these fresh items in stock at home? Buy more, slice and freeze for later.

Humanely raised or wild-caught meat and seafood

The more natural the better. Though meats in general should be limited, opt to buy certified “humane” products, grass-fed when possible. Wild-caught fish is also a better option over farm raised. Tip: If ordering from the deli, ask for filler-free and nitrate-free brands.

Natural sweeteners

If you can make that switch from coffee or tea to a caffeine-free diet — more power to you. For the rest of us caffeine-dependent ladies, replacing our flavored coffee creamers with natural sweeteners such as Stevia, honey, agave extract or date sugar is a big step towards clean eating.

Fewer frozen and processed foods and more raw and real options filling your refrigerator is a great opportunity to find simple recipes for a whole-food diet. Without the pre-packaged frozen dinners, preparing a meal by hand with these replacement ingredients is more likely and leads to more holistic eating habits throughout the day.

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