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Margarita gummy shots

Fiesta with the best-a! Start your Cinco de Mayo fun with some easy and colorful margarita shots. Tequila-soaked Life Savers Gummies get skewered on a spoon and served with a dash of salt. And if that’s not yummy enough, you get to chase it all down with a shot of margarita cocktail. Olé!

Margarita gummy shots recipe

These take only a few simple ingredients, but plan ahead. The Life Savers Gummies need to soak in the tequila for 24 hours before serving.

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Soak your colorful gummies in tequila. I used about 2 cups (just enough to cover them).

 Margarita gummy shots

Refrigerate for 24 hours or until the gummies have soaked up all the tequila.

 Margarita gummy shots

Assemble the shots by skewering the gummies onto the mini appetizer spoons. Fill the glasses with chilled, premixed margaritas.

 Margarita gummy shots

Place the gummy spoons on top, and add a dash of margarita salt to the spoon heads.

 Margarita gummy shots

Display for your fiesta guests to enjoy.

 Margarita gummy shots

Margarita gummy shot recipe

Yields 18

Ingredients and supplies:

  • 2 bags Life Savers Gummies (regular, wild berry or cooler flavor)
  • 2 cups tequila
  • Margarita salt
  • 1 bottle premixed margaritas
  • Mini appetizer spoons (found at party supply stores)
  • Mini cocktail/margarita glasses (found at party supply stores)


  1. In a shallow dish, empty the 2 bags of Life Savers Gummies, and pour 2 cups of tequila on top, enough to cover the candy. Let this soak for 24 hours.
  2. Pour chilled, premixed margaritas into the mini cocktail glasses.
  3. Skewer the tequila-soaked gummies in colorful arrangements onto the mini appetizer spoons.
  4. Place each spoon on top of a mini cocktail glass filled with margarita.
  5. Add a dash of margarita salt to each spoon head. Serve and enjoy.

Make it a fun fiesta. These treats are muy bueno!

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