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19 Jelly Bean Flavors That Make Us Gag, Starting With Earwax

13. Barf

Different name, same horrible jelly bean flavor. Perhaps the most terrifying BeanBoozled flavor, barf-flavored beans look like harmless peach-flavored beans.

14. Canned Dog Food

If you really want to know what Fido’s dinner tastes like, devour a handful of Canned Dog Food BeanBoozled jelly beans. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

15. Moldy Cheese

Blue cheese is technically moldy cheese, but it doesn’t belong in a jelly bean. Hold your nose for this BeanBoozled flavor.

16. Baby Wipes

While baby wipes have a decidedly floral scent, they’re still not something you want to suck on, despite what BeanBoozled thinks.

17. Skunk Spray

No amount of tomato juice will make the horror of Skunk Spray leave your mouth after you’ve tried this BeanBoozled flavor.

18. Popcorn

We’re sneaking this supposedly good flavor onto the list because it’s so divisive among Jelly Belly fans. What’s the verdict? Are popcorn-flavored jelly beans delicious or disgusting?

19. Spoiled Milk

In official “jumping the shark” news, Jelly Belly released its new, nasty spring flavors for 2016 in the BeanBoozled collection, and they don’t disappoint. Just as the terrible name suggests, Jelly Belly says the Spoiled Milk flavor was designed to elicit a strong response. We know, we know, no sense crying over spoiled milk — unless you’ve been tricked into thinking it was a delicious candy.

20. Dead Fish

Capping off this frightening list is Jelly Belly’s gross spring 2016 flavor number two: Dead Fish. The jelly bean smells like a fish market and is supposed to taste like dry, stale fish. Eat at your own risk — or maybe after a few stiff drinks.

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