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5 Ways to make healthy food shopping easier

We all have a million things on our proverbial plate these days. Unfortunately, being busy can have a negative impact on what we put on our actual plates. Here are five easy ways to make your health a priority while also simplifying the shopping process.

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Have a plan

Gluten-free, vegan, clean eating, Paleo; there are as many “ways” to eat as there are people consuming food. A great way to make your lifestyle work for you is to figure out which plan is best for your family. Once you have some general guidelines to follow, you can be more efficient while shopping.


Stock up on the good stuff

Make a point to hit the produce section first so that you avoid throwing an overly processed “frankenfood” into the cart early on. Fill the basket with real fruits and veggies at the beginning to ward off temptation.


Look for the easy label

Knowing what you are putting in your body is fundamental to being healthy. Often the fine print and complicated verbiage on food labels can frustrate even the most diligent among us. But, many of your favorite products are adopting a super-simple and effective labeling system from the Grocery Manufacturers Association called Facts Up Front that makes knowing what is in your food a cinch. The new system puts key nutritional information on the front of the package, so a quick glance during a busy shopping trip provides the information you need! It’s like CliffsNotes for food — genius!


Go online

Who knew you could buy groceries and have them delivered right to your door? Many supermarkets offer a shop online option that will help you avoid the in-store temptations not on your list. It is also a huge time-saver since groceries are delivered right to your door! There is typically a fee for the service, but since the ice cream and potato chips won’t be thrown in the cart at the last minute, the fee is totally worth it!


Eat while you shop

Pack an apple or a bag of baby carrots to munch on while you shop. If you are eating something healthy and feeling satisfied, you are less likely to grab the bag of chips in the checkout line. Pack something healthy for the kids to munch on as well, that way the whining and grabbing at sugary treats will be kept to a minimum.

Although we think the nutrition labeling system is great, we were paid to mention Facts Up Front in this article.

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How do you keep your healthy shopping simple?

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