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3 Easy ice pops

The weather is about to warm up, so stock up on these cool treats you can make yourself.

No store-bought ice pop can compare with one you’ve made with fresh fruit. Try these recipes, and you’ll always have a delicious, cool treat for a warm afternoon.


Homemade pink lemonade ice pops

Homemade pink lemonade ice pops |

A hot day always calls for a glass of cold pink lemonade. Take it a step further by turning your lemonade to ice! These pink lemonade ice pops will please everyone, and they’re unbelievably easy to whip up.

Get the recipe for homemade pink lemonade ice pops >>


Fruit and yogurt ice pops

Easy peasy fruit and yogurt popsicles recipe

This healthy treat is made with fruit and yogurt, but your little ones will never believe it’s not ice cream. These tasty treats aren’t just for the kiddos, though. They’re a healthy way for you to grab an afternoon snack as well!

Get the recipe for fruit and yogurt ice pops >>


Fresh strawberry banana pops

Fresh strawberry banana ice pops |

Strawberries, bananas and agave nectar are the only ingredients in this delicious warm weather treat. Double the batch when you make them so you’ll always have this healthy snack on hand.

Get the recipe for strawberry banana pops >>

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