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Creative ways to use frozen fruit

If you need a few ideas for the bag of frozen fruit you’ve been meaning to make into a smoothie, try these on for size.

There’s a lot more that you can do with a bag of frozen fruit than you think. Most of us have a bag of it hidden at the bottom of our freezer just waiting to be discovered. Wyman’s fresh frozen fruit has you covered when the produce section is limited. Their fruit is picked at the peak of flavor and frozen at harvest so it keeps its great taste. Plus, the resealable bags are handy when you want to use just a little. Consider these creative ideas the next time you’re craving fruit!


Fruit and yogurt ice pops

Easy Peasy Fruit and Yogure Popsicles Recipe |

Frozen fruit and yogurt come together for a perfect kid or grown-up snack.

Get the recipe >>



Healthy smoothies kids will enjoy |

Using frozen fruit instead of ice packs a punch of flavor in these kid-friendly smoothie recipes.

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Swirl into batter

2-minute blueberry muffins for one |

Swirl frozen fruit into the batter of your favorite muffin or cake recipe. These muffins with wild blueberries whip up in two minutes flat!

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Fruit sauces

Oatmeal pancakes with strawberry sauce |

Use frozen fruit to make delicious fruit sauces for pancakes and waffles. Start your day off right with these oatmeal pancakes topped with strawberry sauce.

Get the recipe >>


Healthy yogurt mix-in

Homemade yogurt with healthy mix-ins |

Use frozen fruit as a mix-in for your favorite yogurt. You probably have everything you need at home to make this yogurt from scratch!

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Frozen fruit shakes

Fun fruit shakes |

Fruit shakes can be for breakfast, snack or dessert and take only minutes to prepare. Find out how to make this fruity treat.

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3 easy sorbets made in the blender |

Use frozen fruit for sorbet! These sorbet recipes don’t require an ice cream maker. All you’ll need is a blender.

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Booze up your frozen fruit

12 cocktails for summer sipping |

Instead of using ice in your cocktails, throw in some frozen fruit to keep them cold this summer. These recipes include some of our favorite cocktails and boozy ice pops.

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Even though we totally dig the taste of Wyman’s fresh frozen fruit, they did sponsor this post.

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