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10 Recipes using sustainable seafood

Using sustainable seafood in these recipes is good for you and good for the planet.


Pecan-crusted tilapia

This pecan-crusted tilapia recipe is so simple. You probably have all the ingredients needed for the recipe in your kitchen right now… well, except maybe the tilapia. Make sure that it’s fresh for the best results.

Pecan crusted tilapia recipe

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Pan-seared tilapia with chipotle-lime butter

This inspired tilapia recipe spices things up with chipotle-lime butter, which sounds fancy but is quite easy to accomplish.

Pan-seared tilapia

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Baked calamari with spicy marinara

Baking the calamari gives this traditional appetizer dish a healthier twist.

Baked calamari with marinara sauce

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Salmon with red wine porcini sauce

When purchasing salmon for this recipe, make sure to get wild Alaskan, as salmon sourced from other locations are not considered to be on the sustainable list.

Salmon with red wine porcini sauce

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Baked scallops with cheese

This beautiful dish requires just six simple ingredients. We’re certain that this will become a standard recipe in your home when it comes to baking with sustainable seafood.

Baked scallops with cheese recipe

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Shrimp and seared-tomato pasta

Not all shrimp is considered to be sustainable seafood. When purchasing shrimp for this recipe, ensure you’re getting northern shrimp, which are on the sustainable seafood list.

Shrimp and tomatos with pasta

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Ginger-scallion scallops with soy-citrus soba noodles

This beautiful dish offers stunning presentation for a dinner party and yet is simple enough to make for a casual weekday supper.

Scallops and soba noodles recipe

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Seared scallops

Knowing how to properly sear scallops can open you up to a whole new hosting of recipe opportunities because scallops can complement so many side dishes, thus turning them into an entire elegant meal. With these tips, you’ll be searing scallops like a pro.

Seared scallops

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Easy grilled oysters

Like seared scallops, knowing how to properly grill oysters is a great technique to master to expand your recipe repertoire. These grilled oysters with herbed butter are a sure-fire crowd-pleaser.

Grilled oyster recipe

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Salsify oyster bisque

If you thought to “salsify” meant a technique involving adding salsa to something, you’re wrong. Salsify is a root vegetable with a slight oyster essence — perfect for oyster bisque. Who knew?

Salsify oyster bisque recipe

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There are so many amazing recipes that feature sustainable seafood, but the list often changes. Before you embark on a seafood recipe, check the current list to see which types of seafood are considered to be sustainable.

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