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Quirky Valentine’s Day gifts for the foodie in your life

Forget about the box of artisanal chocolates and the Ecuadorian red roses this year. Give your food lover a unique gift that they’ll gush about for years to come.

If you haven’t bought that special Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, you still have some time to get them a unique and even personalized gift that will make it seem like you spent ages searching for it. Ditch the chocolates, the roses and the gift cards this year and present your food-loving special someone with one of the gifts below. Whether they’re a professional chef or a home cook, they’ll definitely appreciate the uniqueness of any of these items.

Custom Rolling Pin

Custom rolling pin

For the baker in your life, this custom tapered rolling pin by Richwood Creations is the perfect gift. Personalize it with both your names and your sweetie will think of you every time she bakes a pie. (Etsy, $55)

Corgi Cookie Jar

Corgi cookie jar

Does your special person have their own special someone, in Corgi shape? This pedigreed Corgi cookie jar is the place they should be keeping their cookies. (Anthropologie, $68)

Spiceologist Block

Spiceologist block

Imagine if a spice rack had babies with a knife block. The spiceologist block is the perfect gift for the spice addict in your life. Filled with 22 different spices that range from wasabi powder to pumpkin pie spice, it looks gorgeous on anyone’s kitchen counter. (Savorx Spice & Flavor Co., $140)

Pizza Mayo

Pizza mayo

Yes, pizza mayonnaise. This pizza mayo is for the pizza-loving guy or gal in your life. You know, the best friend that knows the delivery guy’s birth date and has all top 10 pizza joints in a 10 mile radius committed to memory. Slather it on potatoes and you’ve just made pizza potatoes (Empire Mayonnaise, $6)

Vintage Oyster Plate

Vintage oyster plate

Does your lover have an affinity with the sea? This vintage oyster plate is sure to impress (Food52, $200). Add three dozen raw, live oysters and it’s the gift that keeps on shucking! (Food52, $114)

Parmesan Cheese Lamp

Parmesan cheese lamp

This Parmesan cheese lamp is made to the exact same dimensions as the real thing. It’s a great gift for your cheese-loving husband (, about $270)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Earrings

Peanut butter and jelly earrings

For the friend that’s still a kid at heart, this pair of PB&J earrings is a unique and thoughtful gift. (Etsy, $20)

Pig of the Month Club

Pig-of-the-month club

For the pork lover, pig-of-the-month club offers meaty goodness. Whether you choose a rib or sausage sampler, it’s sure to put a smile on your lover’s face. (Pig of the Month BBQ, prices vary)

Thé des Amants

Thé des Amants

Loose-leaf teas have taken over the market and are slowly replacing powdered tea bags. Not only are they healthier, but the flavors are much more potent. This miniature, four-piece tea set is a unique gift for tea lovers in your life. (Palais des Thés, $27)

Wild Hibiscus Pyramid Salt Flakes

Wild hibiscus pyramid salt flakes

Essential for that girlfriend who loves margaritas more than her own life, this wild hibiscus flower pyramid salt is perfect for rimming cocktails. (Wild Hibiscus Flower Company, $10)

Brix Collection: Chocolate for Wine

Brix collection: Chocolate for wine

Everyone loves chocolate, so instead of gifting the regular sampler of chocolate truffles, give the gift of chocolate and wine pairings. This Brix collection includes four varieties of chocolates to pair with wines. Throw in a bottle of your favorite wine and you’ve got a present that’s sure to impress. (Brix Chocolate, $26)

Home Run Oven Mitt

Home run oven mitt

Does it seem that your lover loves the Yankees more than they love you? Hand over a home run oven mitt and watch their eyes light up. Whether they actually use it to bake you something delicious or play ball, you’ve gotta know you can’t win ’em all. (Urban Outfitters, $14)

“The Fire Within the Mountain” chocolate bar

“Mountains” filled with a variety of ganaches, anchored down to dark chocolate and puffed rice coated in more chocolate, make “The Fire Within the Mountain.” It’s the perfect gift idea for that special someone who has everything. (Hudson Chocolates, $39)

The Fire Within the Mountain Chocolate Bar

Other foodie gift ideas:

other foodie gift ideas

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