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Super Bowl stadium appetizer platter

Want to surprise your hubby or boyfriend on Super Bowl Sunday? Make this stadium-shaped appetizer platter and watch his eyes light up! This easy-to-make and fun platter turns your man’s favorite chips, dips and snacks into his own personal stadium.

Super Bowl stadium appetizer platter

Serves about 12

This fun game-day appetizer takes chips and dip to an entirely new and fun level. We turned the best game-day snacks into a stadium anyone can create for the big game. For added personalization, write your team’s name in the end zones or add colored snacks to the playing field!

Slightly adapted from Sunshine and Sippy Cups


  • Foil roasting pan
  • Assortment of chips, Cheetos and tortilla chips
  • Guacamole
  • Cheese dip
  • Salsa
  • Miniature turkey franks
  • Assortment of nuts
  • Skewers
  • Cheese
  • Ranch dressing and piping bag

Arrange the skewers to outline the field

Arrange the skewers

To make the stadium, outline the inside with 5 skewers — 3 to make the field and 2 to outline where the stands are.


Fill in dips

Fill in dips

Fill in the dips. We did salsa and cheese in the end zones and guacamole in the middle.


Arrange chips around the dips

Arrange chips around the dips

Arrange the different chips around the dips in alternating patterns to make the spectators.


Pipe stadium lines

Pipe stadium lines

Fill a piping bag with ranch dressing and cut a small snip off the top.

Pipe stadium lines

Pipe lines on the stadium for the field.


Make goalposts

Make end zones

Make the goalposts by skewering the little hot dogs into an upright format.

Make end zones

You want to create 2 pitchfork-shaped goalposts, just like those in the end zones of a football field. Stick the base of each goalpost into a square piece of cheese and place one goalpost in each end zone.


Add nut players

Add nut players

Add a few of the nuts around the lines to create cute little players.




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