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10 After-dinner coffee cocktails

Not sure whether to have a coffee or a cocktail after dinner? No problem! These after-dinner coffee cocktails are the perfect combination of both!


Amaretto coffee cocktail

Amaretto coffee cocktail |

Just a dash of amaretto transforms your after-dinner coffee.

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Iced Mexican coffee

Iced mexican coffee |

This spiced-up coffee includes cinnamon, cloves and anise for an authentic café de olla. The added indulgent ingredients make it worthy of cocktail hour!

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Peppermint mocha

Peppermint mocha |

This festive drink is perfect for the holiday season! Cuddle up with a warm cup after dinner when you’re feeling the holiday spirit.

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Pumpkin spice latte

Pumpkin spice latte |

This time of year, everything tastes better with pumpkin, and this tasty coffee cocktail is no exception!

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Iced Kahlúa and coffee

Iced kahlua and coffee |

Turn your after-dinner cocktail into dessert with this cool Kahlúa-flavored drink.

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Café Pacifico

Cafe pacifico |

Coffee, cinnamon and cream turn this Mexican treat into a satisfying drink that will warm you from your head to your toes.

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Traditional Irish cream

Traditional irish cream |

Make this creamy coffee cocktail ahead of time, so it’s ready to serve up as soon as you finish the last course.

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Baileys coffee punch

Bailey's coffee punch |

This recipe makes a ton of coffee punch, and is the perfect drink to have ready to serve guests after dinner is served at a holiday get-together.

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Boozy affogato

Boozy affogato |

Italians always end their meal with an affogato — a mix of gelato and espresso — why shouldn’t you do the same?

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Blended vanilla mocha

Blended vanilla mocha |

Coffee, chocolate and ice cream. What’s not to love about this delicious after-dinner drink?

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