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How to create a dessert bar

Dessert bars are easily the most memorable part of any party! Create one your guests will rave about with these six steps to the perfect dessert bar.

Evaluate your guest list

Evaluate your guest list |

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The first step in making an awesome dessert bar is to evaluate who is coming to your party. More than just age and demographic, you are using your guest list to estimate exactly how many desserts you are going to need. Safely assuming that each guest will have at least one dessert, you will need to multiply your dessert needs by at least two to three per guest.

Choose your specialty

Choose your speciality |

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Many dessert bars can be successful with a plethora of treats on the table. However, it is best to choose a specialty. Whether it be all cookies, sugary candies, cake or a mix of all three, pick something that you want to stick out. If choosing a cake, decorate it to stand out, or make more than one, so guests know that this is something to pick!

To buy or to bake

To Buy or bake |

Before you get to decorating, plan on what you want to bake and what you want to buy. Knowing the costs of your desserts will help you budget for the bar and table portion of the party. Pin your favorite recipes and practice ahead of time before the shindig so you know what works and what doesn’t. And remember, no one will hate a hostess who buys and serves delicious desserts.

Select a theme

Select a theme |

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After you know what you are baking and buying and exactly how much you need, start thinking about your theme. Perhaps it is already chosen based on the kind of party you are throwing, but knowing the exact theme of your dessert party will help narrow down frosting colors, candy flavors, and of course, decorations. Since your dessert table’s main decorating comes from the treats themselves, you won’t need too many accessories to add to your table.

Where’s the party?

Where is the party |

The next step in prepping your dessert bar is to know the location for the setup. Choose whether you are going to have your party indoors or outdoors before heading over to the craft store. Choose items that are going to be safe inside or out, and go all out in decorating a nice backdrop. As mentioned earlier, you don’t need too many accessories for the table. Just focus on coordinating your desserts and backdrop according to your landscape.

Label away

Label away |

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The best part of a dessert party is the ability to pick and choose what treats you want to enjoy. Let your guests have an easier time choosing by creating labels for each and every dessert available. Create something that matches your theme and is easy for guests to read.

Dessert recipes for your bar

Double chocolate mocha cupcakes with peppermint buttercream
Snowy mountain cookies
Starbucks copycat pumpkin scones

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