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Host a gingerbread decorating party

Nothing says the holiday season quite like decorating a gingerbread house. Create a festive and inviting gingerbread decorating party the whole family will remember using these six simple steps.

Purchase and prepare ingredients

Purchase and prepare ingredients for gingerbread house |

Image source: Tinker Lab

The first step to a successful gingerbread decorating party is preparing the ingredients. The most common candy decorations include candy canes, gumdrops, snow caps and more. However, these are up to you and what party look you are going for. If creating a party that is geared toward kids, we suggest more kid-friendly candies they can pop in their mouths while adults can have fun with chocolates, table mints and other items that melt or don’t taste as delicious.

Regardless of which candy decorations you choose, don’t forget the royal icing:

  • 1/8 cup meringue powder
  • 1/4 cup cold water
  • 2 cups sifted confectioners’ sugar

Construct your house

Construct the gingerbread house |

Image source: Caked Alaska

Although you can have your guests construct their own gingerbread houses, it may be easiest for you to do the gingerbread home building ahead of time. Make enough houses for each guest plus two or three in case you have any accidents. Print out Caked Alaska’s graham cracker cheat sheet for a go-to guide.

Set the table

Set the table for the gingerbread house |

Image source: Houseography

The best way to set your gingerbread house decorating party table is by creating a single-station for every guest. Use plastic washable place mats or easy take home aluminum foil for your gingerbread houses to keep your table’s surface from getting messy. Set empty canisters next to the homes for candy or fill them up beforehand with a predetermined amount of sweets.

Candy station

Create a candy station for the gingerbread house |

Image source: Kara’s Party Ideas

If you did not add your gingerbread house treats next to the guests’ place settings, create a whimsical candy station in near proximity. Use apothecary glasses, festive boxes, Mason jars and other see-through containers for not only easy access, but a cute look as well. Keep plenty of tongs, spoons and forks around to avoid using sticky hands during the cold and flu season.

Candy containers

Use candy containers for decorating the gingerbread house |

Image source: Eighteen 25

Your guests will need something to fill up their candy with. Offer up cupcake holders as a means to retain candy or smaller compartment boxes for better organization. If choosing the latter, Zoro Tools have 3-18 adjustable compartment boxes for $3.

Gingerbread to go

Don’t want to keep all of the lovely-made gingerbread houses? Send them home with your guests using holiday-themed gable boxes. Make your own or buy them from Jelly Bean Kids for $4 per dozen.

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Provide to-go boxes for the gingerbread house |

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