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DIY edible centerpieces that make your holiday table look amazing

Christmas is definitely the time to bring your best game when it comes to making your dining table look special. A gorgeous centerpiece is imperative, but an gorgeous edible centerpiece is beyond.

Not only are the following centerpieces beautiful, but they’re also made of deliciousness and bring a unique twist to your Christmas dinner — or brunch — table.

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Spun maple sugar seckel pears

Image: Sherri Ohler Ministries

A pretty and delightful centerpiece, Sherri Ohler’s how-to on this centerpiece calls for pears to be dipped into boiled and hardened maple syrup. Topped with sea salt, these give a glittery and glamorous look to your table.

Very berry holiday tree

Image: Mother Earth Living

A healthier option for an edible holiday centerpiece, Mother Earth Living’s very berry Christmas tree will look right at home on any Christmas brunch table.

Peppermint topiary with edible snow

Image: Life a la Mode

Festive and merry, it’s not just the peppermints that are edible in Life à la Mode’s centerpiece, it’s also the snow! Made by gluing unwrapped peppermints to a ball of plastic foam, cotton candy is stuffed into the bottom of the box to look like fluffy snow. Keep your candies wrapped as an option for guests to have an after-dinner mint (if you don’t mind your centerpiece being taken apart, of course).

Candy Christmas trees

Image: Amanda Jane Brown

Another edible centerpiece using peppermints, Amanda Jane Brown’s Christmas trees can also be crafted with gumdrops and other holiday treats. The blogger glues her sweet treats directly onto the plastic foam base, but again, if you would like yours to remain edible, keep the wrappers on or adhere to wax paper by spritzing a bit of sugar water as an adhesive.

Gingerbread cookie tree

Image: Penguin Says Feed Me

Penguin Says Feed Me’s gingerbread cookie trees will for sure be a hit at this year’s holiday dinner.

Cupcake Christmas tree

Image: Teaspoon Living

A Christmas tree made of cupcakes? Sign us up. Teaspoon Living’s centerpiece is constructed of green frosted cupcakes adhered to a plastic foam cone using toothpicks. Add a few metallic-wrapped chocolates for a realistic and sugary appearance.

Olive, mozzarella and rosemary wreath

Image: Scrumptious

Scrumptious’ gorgeous centerpiece is made with rosemary strung along a wire or bendy vine. Place your wreath on a platter smack dab in the middle of your table for a centerpiece that no one will ever forget.

Cinnamon bun wreath

Image: Alie Romano/Life is Sweet

All we want for Christmas this year is for Santa to deliver a wreath made entirely of cinnamon rolls. But if Santa doesn’t pull through, we’ll settle for making the wreath ourselves.

Puff pastry Christmas trees

Image: SheKnows

It’s quite possible these quaint little trees are the cutest edible Christmas centerpieces ever. And who can say no to delicious puff pastry?

Snowball doughnut hole bouquet

Image: Frugal Foodie Mama

Can you imagine how big a child’s eyes will get when they sit down to breakfast on Christmas morning and this adorable bad boy is on the table? Totally worth the effort.

Originally published December 2013. Updated December 2016.

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