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15 Cookie recipes Santa will gobble up


Strawberry basil whoopee pies

While we originally created this recipe for Valentine’s Day, these homemade whoopee pies are delish any time of year. We guarantee Santa will say, “ho-ho-ho!”

Strawberry basil whoopie pies

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Cake batter chocolate chip cookies

cake batter chocolate chip cookies

What’s better than a plateful of chocolate chip cookies? Cake and chocolate chip cookies!

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Everything cookies

Santa doesn’t publish his route, but if you suspect he hits your neighborhood after 5 a.m., you might try leaving him these delicious breakfast cookies, featuring seeds, raisins, chocolate and cinnamon.

Breakfast cookies

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Cherry-filled gingerbread man tarts

Gingerbread men are another popular gift for the Claus. Make these cuties with a little secret cherry surprise inside.

Cherry-filled gingerbread man tarts

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Brown butter Rolo chocolate chip cookies

Rolo candies and toffee will jazz up your chip cookies with little extra effort and a lot of extra reward.

Brown butter Rolo chocolate chip cookies |

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Maple almond butter sea salt cookies

If Santa chowed down on your grandma’s famous peanut butter cookies last year, he’ll love these healthier almond butter cookies. Let’s face it — that bowl full of jelly isn’t from too many Brussels sprouts.

 Maple almond butter sea salt cookies

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Lemon-lavender shortbread cookies with lemon glaze

We’re betting Santa gets so many cookies on Christmas Eve, he stashes a few of the best for the missus. We think they’ll both adore these lemon-lavender cookies. They’re even gluten-free!

 Gluten-free Goodie of the Week: Lemon-lavender shortbread cookies with lemon glaze

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Chocolate-dipped Christmas treats

The perfect way to get the kiddos involved in making cookies for their favorite bearded jet-setter. Even the littlest tykes can help with these fun store-bought treats you dress up yourself. Just keep the smaller ones away from the melted chocolate!

Dipped Pretzel Rods

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