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Weird junk food that needs to go away

What happens when two great tastes don’t taste great together? Weird junk food. These odd flavors were better left untasted.

While we salute the culinary pioneers of the world, we have to acknowledge that not every effort is a success. These junk foods range from limited editions to cult favorites. They share one thing in common: They’re pretty terrible. Discover six weird junk foods that need to go away.


Pecan Pie Pringles

Pecan Pie Pringles

In theory, salty and sweet should go together. The salty starch of Pringles has always been pleasing despite the questionable texture of the habit-forming chips. Throw in sweet flavors, and you start to have a problem. Though not as fully gross as the peppermint limited editions of yore, Pecan Pie Pringles miss the mark. The faint maple taste is too artificial. We’ll stick to syrup on savory waffles.


Candy Corn Oreos

Candy Corn Oreos

Candy corn is wonderful, despite its waxy consistency. Oreos are a classic for a reason. When you combine them, you get a hot mess that is not meant to be. Despite the fact that Candy Corn Oreos weren’t produced this year, they remain available through online retailers and auctions. Considering they have an even more noticeable chemical aftertaste than store brand candy corn, it’s hard to say why they’re fetching high prices.


Ketchup chips

Ketchup Chips

Herr’s Heinz Ketchup Potato chips combine two classic American flavors. If you ask someone under the age of 10, ketchup goes with absolutely everything. If you ask adults, many draw the line somewhere directly before or after scrambled eggs. Chips dipped in ketchup aren’t terrible, but the ketchup flavor built into these chips is a little too artificial. The end result is just weird.




Not quite a junk food, but not a meal either, the McRib is a pork patty sandwich with a zesty barbecue sauce and a cult following. The only ribs involved in this 500-calorie sandwich are molded, vaguely rib-shaped lines. The McRib needs to be voted off the island because barbecue can be so much better than this. Grab a fresh pulled pork sandwich at your local mom and pop barbecue joint, and you’ll have a new obsession.


Banana strawberry milk

Banana Strawberry Milk

In a smoothie, bananas and strawberries and milk combine for creamy, sweet flavor. The key to the fresh flavor is using actual fruit and milk. Nesquik Banana Strawberry Milk is flavored artificially, making it taste like something you liked when you still thought paste tasted good. Upgrade to a ready-made smoothie or stick to a cold glass of plain milk with no extra ingredients.




Bacon has been done to death, but we keep coming back for more. There’s something undeniably perfect about the mix of salt, crunchiness and chewiness in a perfect slice of bacon. J&D’s Baconnaise, a heart-attack-inducing hybrid between mayonnaise and bacon, takes bacon to the next level. And the next level is not good. You’re better off taking fresh slices of bacon and dipping them into mayonnaise.

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