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Top food bloggers dish: My favorite comfort food

Even creative cooks turn to feel-good comfort food when the mood strikes. We asked top food bloggers to share their favorite dishes.

What do big-time foodies turn to when it comes to comfort food? We asked these top bloggers to share. From crunchy macaroni and cheese to savory dumplings, these meals make foodies feel good. Now you can try them at home.


Macaroni and cheese

 Top food bloggers dish: My favorite comfort food

Photo credit:  Baked Bree

If you’ve never made mac and cheese from scratch, you’re missing out on ooey-gooey goodness. “I cannot think of anything more comforting than macaroni and cheese,” says Bree, who began a food blog to catalog her family recipes and favorites. “Rich, creamy, warm and with a little crunch. No matter what my mood, mac and cheese always has a spot in my heart,” she says. This recipe is easy for beginners, and the amount of time it takes is totally worth the end result. Find out how to make Bree’s macaroni and cheese at Baked Bree.


Homestyle chicken curry

 Top food bloggers dish: My favorite comfort food

Photo credit:  Compulsive Foodie

“Almost every Indian home has their own personal favorite version of a curry, and this one is mine,” says Asmita, who began blogging to share authentic Indian recipes and her culinary adventures inspired by Ina Garten. “As the name suggests, it is ‘homestyle,’ simple to prepare and comforting,” she says. Asmita recommends trying this curry with naan or steamed white rice. Caramelized onions, tomatoes and creamy yogurt give Asmita’s homestyle curry a rich, spicy taste that warms you up on cool days. Find out how to make Asmita’s chicken curry at Compulsive Foodie.


Sweet potato black bean enchiladas

 Top food bloggers dish: My favorite comfort food

Photo credit: Gluten-free Goddess

“Nestled into a generous, family-style baking dish or tucked into individual gratin dishes these wrapped little gems are soft and creamy and a little bit spicy — my favorite comfort food combo,” says Karina, who began blogging gluten-free recipes after discovering she had to go gluten-free. Find out how to make Karina’s sweet potato black bean enchiladas at Gluten-free Goddess.


Chinese dumplings

 Top food bloggers dish: My favorite comfort food

Photo credit:  Use Real Butter

Get your knives ready. This comfort food recipe is big on chopping, but the amazing taste of homemade dumplings is completely worth the effort. “There is a class of food that is so undeniably satisfying and good and comforting it spans several cultures: a meat (or vegetable) filling wrapped in a starch,” says Jen, a freelance photographer and former NASA programmer who’s been blogging about food for about a decade. “The Chinese potsticker or dumpling is what brings me home to my culture, my maternal grandmother and childhood family dinners,” she says. Find out how to make Jen’s potstickers at Use Real Butter.

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