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How to make brown butter

All you need is a pot and 15 minutes to make deliciously nutty brown butter. After that, the possibilities are endless. From cookies to mashed potatoes, everything is better with browned butter!

 How to make brown butter

Brown butter recipe

Yields about 1 cup


  • 1 cup butter



Chop the butter and place in a saucepot

Turn the heat to medium and let the butter melt.

 How to make brown butter


Start whisking

Once the butter is completely melted, start whisking. After 5 minutes (on an electric stove), it will look like the picture below, still very “yellow.”

 How to make brown butter


Look for foam

Around minute 7, the butter will start to foam. This is completely normal, keep whisking!

 How to make brown butter


Color changing begins

After about 5 more minutes (around minute 12), the color will start to deepen to more “golden” yellow. It’s not done yet, but this is your sign to watch carefully. Continue whisking.

 How to make brown butter


Brown butter!

By minute 15, you should have brown butter. You want the butter to look like the picture below. Once it turns this color, remove it from the heat immediately otherwise it will burn quickly and black flecks will start to develop. At this point, you can use the butter or store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for future use.

 How to make brown butter

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