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Olaf the Snowman snacks

Take a bite out of Olaf the Snowman for a sweet wintery treat.

Olaf the Snowman snacks

Disney’s Frozen is coming to a theater near you! Celebrate this fun, frosty film with an Olaf the Snowman snack. This lovable character will melt your heart, and this marshmallow treat will melt in your mouth.

Olaf the Snowman snacks


  • Graham crackers
  • Blue-tinted frosting or blue candy melts
  • Jumbo-size marshmallows
  • Medium-size marshmallows
  • Miniature-size marshmallows
  • Black candy melts
  • Black licorice rope
  • Orange candy slices
  • 1/2-inch candy eyes



Frost graham crackers

Frost graham crackers with blue-tinted frosting or melted blue candy melts.

Olaf the Snowman snacks

Assemble snowman ingredients and cut marshmallows

Assemble snowman ingredients.

Olaf the Snowman snacks

Cut jumbo-size marshmallows in half for the bottom of Olaf’s body.

Olaf the Snowman snacks

Cut medium-size marshmallows in half for the middle of Olaf’s body.

Olaf the Snowman snacks

Cut more jumbo-size marshmallows in half,
then cut the corners off to make diamond shapes for Olaf’s head.

Olaf the Snowman snacks

Add marshmallows to graham crackers

Place cut marshmallows on frosted graham crackers,
adding two miniature marshmallows at the bottom for Olaf’s feet.

Olaf the Snowman snacks

Cut and add licorice to marshmallows

Cut pieces of black licorice rope for Olaf’s hair and arms.

Olaf the Snowman snacks

Insert hair and arms into marshmallows.

Olaf the Snowman snacks

Add mouth, eyebrows and buttons

Melt approximately 4 ounces of black candy melts in the microwave.
Heat for 30-second intervals and stir until smooth. Place into a piping bag.
Using the smallest round tip available, pipe Olaf’s mouth, eyebrows and buttons.

Olaf the Snowman snacks

Cut pieces for nose

Cut orange candy slices into long skinny triangles for Olaf’s carrot nose.

Olaf the Snowman snacks

Add eyes, nose and teeth

Using a dab of candy melt, attach the eyes and nose to Olaf’s marshmallow face. Cut and place a tiny square of marshmallow on the mouth for Olaf’s front tooth.

Olaf the Snowman snacks

Take a bite out of Olaf

Enjoy your Frozen treats!

Olaf the Snowman snacks
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Image: Yvonna Groom/SheKnows

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