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5 Mixed juice drinks to boost your immune system

To give your immune system a big boost, all you have to do is enjoy some delicious and good-for-you juices and smoothies. These easy juice blend recipes include some interesting combinations of fruits and veggies to keep you out of a rut.

1. Watermelon chia fresca

watermelon chia fresca
Image: Patricia Conte/SheKnows

This watermelon fresca is packed with vitamin A, which can help the body fight off infection — and it’s delicious and refreshing to boot. Whether you need a sip to cool you down in the summertime or if you want to mix this up in the middle of winter to remind you of warm, sunny days, this watermelon fresca is a great choice. If you can’t find fresh watermelon during the cooler seasons, check your grocery store’s freezer section as they may carry frozen chunks.

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2. Blueberry, banana and mint smoothies

blueberry banana smoothie
Image: Patricia Conte/SheKnows

Blueberries are total superfoods. They’re packed with antioxidants and are believed to boost the immune system as well as improve brain function such as memory retention, learning and motor skills. Keep in mind that fresh, frozen or freeze-dried blueberries are more nutrient-dense than those that have been cooked, canned or bottled as sometimes they lose nutrients during those processes. This yummy smoothie is packed with the little blue superfood, and it’s gluten-free!

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3. Creamy coconut kale smoothie

coconut kale smoothie
Image: Patricia Conte/SheKnows

Kick-start your immune system with a hearty serving of kale in this smoothie, which is packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. The coconut offers a creamy element that makes you feel like you’re getting your fix of a coastal island getaway.

4. Healthy green drink

green juice drink
Image: Brandi Bidot/SheKnows

This green drink is full of healthy, immunity-boosting spinach, but it tastes so good that you won’t even realize it’s health food. With cucumber, apple and citrus juices, this green drink is packed with vitamins and nutrients that will keep you energized the whole day through.

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5. Carrot juice

carrot juice
Image: Jessica Torres/AllParenting

Carrots are chock-full of vitamins A, B and C, iron, calcium, potassium and sodium. Vitamin A in particular is credited with regulating the immune system. This is a great one to give the kids as well since the apple adds sweetness to the carrots, which are also naturally sweet. So serve up this yummy carrot juice for the whole family to enjoy while getting their fill of immune-boosting vitamins.

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