Host a New Year’s Eve party

Are you ready for the new year? A new beginning? A new party to host? With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do leading up to midnight.

New Year's Eve party |

Avoid the crowds and long lines that will be everywhere in the city and opt for a good old-fashioned cocktail party. Of course, you’ll want to do it in style — and these tips, recipes and ideas will get you there.

Bling out the buffet

Gold has been a hot trend for a couple of years now, and when paired with black, it screams “festive!” It’s the perfect color palette for a New Year’s Eve gathering.

New Year's Eve party

Since you’ll be going well past midnight, you’ll likely start the party a little later than usual. Guests may have eaten dinner by the time they arrive, but you’re still going to need hearty snacks to absorb that Champagne and sustain a night of dancing. Make the snack table the focal point of the party and dress it in gold sequins, glitter and black graphic prints.

New Year's Eve party

This table layers a gold-sequined table cover with a black-and-white chevron runner. A quick trip to the party store will provide you with paper fans for a backdrop that mimics Champagne bubbles. A set of free printable signs and labels helps pull the look together.

New Year's Eve party

Incorporate party paraphernalia into the table. Horns and blowers add sparkle and shine as they’re mixed among the food trays.

New Year's Eve party

Add glittered numbers — 2014 — to a flower arrangement. These are house numbers that have been spray painted with glitter paint and attached to wooden skewers (using glue adhesive strips).

New Year's Eve party

Send guests home with an edible treat that you made yourself. Smoky pecans fit nicely into glass jars, and the free printable tags are attached using gold glitter tape.

Make it a menu to remember

New Year's Eve party | Menu

Add a little DIY

A New Year’s Eve cocktail party allows guests to mix, mingle and move about while they socialize. You will no doubt want to have plenty of coasters around for guests to set their drinks down on. These cork coasters are inexpensive, easy to make and totally customized to the occasion.

New Year's Eve party | DIY cork coaster

Cork coasters

Make as many as you need and set them out on any surface you want to protect.

New Year's Eve party | DIY cork coaster


  • 1 package round cork coasters from the craft store
  • White spray paint (Rust-Oleum seemed to give the best coverage)
  • Gold paint pen


  1. Spray paint the coasters outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. You will need to spray on a couple of coats for a nice, even finish.
  2. Allow the coasters to dry for 24 hours, then use the paint pen to add designs or write something cute.
  3. Allow the coasters to dry for another 24 hours before using them.

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