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Will it blend? Do’s and don’ts of a blender

These simple tips will ensure the longevity of your blender while keeping your blending experiences disaster-free.

Bella rocket blender

Tips for blending

These simple tips will ensure the longevity of your blender while keeping your blending experiences disaster-free.
Blenders are small, versatile appliances that are a part of almost every kitchen. They help reduce your food preparation time and are relatively easy to clean. Blenders are great for mixing, pureeing and emulsifying. A well-maintained blender will serve you for years to come. Keep these simple tips in mind for the future use of your blender.

Blender Infographic | Foods to blend and not blend

When it comes to using a blender, there are probably a lot of things that you didn’t realize that you could do or couldn’t do with this mighty little kitchen appliance. For starters, did you know that not all blenders can effectively crush ice? Don’t assume that all blenders are the same and can fiercely crush ice cubes in a few pulses. Check your owner’s manual before attempting to crush ice in your blender. The Bella Rocket Extract Pro’s 700 W motor emulsifies anything in its path, including those bulky ice cubes.

One thing to keep in mind when using your blender is to never assume your blender’s lid is secure:  firmly hold your blender lid down when blending to prevent a blowout disaster. We all have probably had one (or two) of those.

It’s always a good idea to cut larger food pieces into small chunks to allow for even, consistent texture. For example, chop larger vegetables before pureeing for a bisque or creamy soup.

Using the pulse mode for frozen foods is a definite “do.” It’s possible that you could burn your blender’s motor by operating it in the constant-blend mode for harder food ingredients.

Never attempt to use your blender as a food processor. Some tough, leathery ingredients just aren’t meant for a blender. My personal experience ruining a blender blade was attempting to finely chop sun-dried tomatoes. Given that, don’t trash your blender just because it’s broken. You can purchase parts online from many manufacturers and repair your blender yourself at a very reasonable price.

Less is best: Never overfill your blender and always leave room for expansion of your ingredients. If in doubt, save ingredients for a second blending session.

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