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Fall cocktail trends

Every area of the culinary world is affected by the seasons! It’s how chefs get their inspiration, how bakers decide on what desserts to showcase and it’s how bartenders and mixologists know what flavors to shake up in their drinks!

Fall cocktail infographic from StumbleUpon

Seems like every year we’re either hosting more holiday parties or attending them! And every year when hosting friends and family for get-togethers, we run around like a chicken with their head cut off because we remember that we haven’t restocked our bar for the party! Sure, you’ve taken care of the food by having a few great recipes ready to go like these autumn tree cupcakes for dessert, but you’ve given the drinks section zero thought! Well, today we’re here to help with some of the top mixologists at the best cocktail bars in the country lending you their perfect fall cocktail recipes.

StumbleUpon, the exploration and discovery tool with more than 30 million users, took a look at 300,000 cocktail pages to uncover some of the top trends.

What flavors can you expect to enjoy this fall? Fruits like pear and pomegranate are popular as well as smoky and spicy ingredients. The top trends for fall cocktails are:


You can add a hint of smokiness with a drop of liquid smoke, which you can find at your local grocery store next to the barbecue sauces. This added touch of flavor balances out a “too sweet” cocktail.


Remember all those herbs you dried and preserved this summer from your garden? Well bust out the basil, rosemary and sage and start infusing them into vodka, rum or even gin! This will make your booze a lot more interesting when you tell your guests you’ll be making them a rosemary and gin fizz or a basil rose wine cocktail!


A super fruit all on its own, you can use not only pomegranate juice but pomegranate syrup as a great way to infuse extra flavor in your sangria and punch. Why not use fresh pomegranate arils in a drink like this pear and pomegranate spritzer cocktail by Always Order Dessert? Or try these sweet and tart cocktails with pomegranate tequila.

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Another traditional and very seasonal fruit, pears are all the rage. Stock up on pear brandy or pear vodka for seasonal drinks. This berry and pear tree martini is a perfect holiday cocktail.

Syrups and bitters

Like the smoky trend, syrups and bitters are a great addition to your bar. Syrups not only add sweetness but intense flavor and our favorite syrups come from Royal Rose Syrups in Brooklyn, New York.


A classic fall flavor, remember there are a variety of apple products you can use in drinks. Everything from juice, cider, butter and even decorating your glasses with apple chips! We’re loving this apple orange hot toddy by Eat Boutique and this spiced rum apple pie cocktail.


Bringing some spice to your drinks is as easy as whisking together some sugar and cayenne pepper to use as rimmers for your margaritas. Speaking of margaritas, we love this peach jalapeño margarita!

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