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Nov 13, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. ET

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Growing up, my mom taught me two valuable pieces of information regarding cooking: First, always clean as you go; and second, anyone can cook as long as you can follow a recipe. The second tidbit was what stuck the most. I'm never afraid to try out a new recipe because I'm confident in my ability to follow directions.

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The best advice I've ever gotten is that cooking is all about preferences. What one person likes, another may not. Make food fun and enjoy cooking. It's only food! – Chef J Jackson

Taste something before you serve it — whether it be something you're cooking for a dinner party or brownies you're making for your kids. – Rachel

Learn how to hold and use a chef's knife. Cooking and food prep is so much easier if you have a few good knives and know how to use them. – Mark

Get to know each ingredient separately (how it tastes, smells, reacts to heat, etc.) before trying to combine. – Joel

Read the recipe all the way through at least twice before you start cooking or baking. – Shannah

Don't be afraid to experiment and change a recipe. If you think you can make it taste better by changing the ingredients or measurements, you are probably right. Just remember to write it down for next time! – Nancy

Just do it! Dump the junk (processed packaged foods) — no excuses! – Kathy

If it's not baking, then the recipe is a list of suggestions to help you make it your own. – Mike

Measure your ingredients by weight, and you will always get the same results. Measuring by cups, spoons, etc., can lead to variations. – Kathryn

The best advice I received was from my sister, who says, "So what if it doesn't turn out right. Then try it again — or make something else. This isn't a test." That was my aha moment: This isn't a test. I can't fail. It's just fun! – Denise

Do it in heels! Why just cook when you can sizzle! – June

The best advice I received was from my grandmother. She taught me the importance of maintaining happy thoughts with cooking and baking. It's a tried and true tip I've made certain to uphold anytime I'm in the kitchen. – Anna

Don't crowd the pan if you want something to brown. To get the perfectly seared look on a short rib, I tend to brown in batches. It takes a bit longer, but the end result is well worth it. – Aly

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When you follow a recipe, have all the ingredients out before you get started. Also, cook twice as much as you need and freeze half for a meal when you are short on time. – Amy

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