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Best bread baking blogs

Bread baking is one of the oldest culinary arts in the world. When we bake bread, the act of putting our hands in dough and working it, brings us back to simpler times. Feel inspired after browsing these bread baking blogs!

Sometimes, all you need to do is bake, and it will instantly bring you peace and happiness. Whether you’re baking a loaf of artisan sourdough bread or whipping up some quick potato dinner rolls, the joy that fresh, warm bread brings to the table is unlike any other.

Today we’re sharing some of our favorite bread baking blogs and the bakers behind them. These fantastic bread bakers all have the same sense of what it is to bake bread: They bake bread for friends and family, they share recipes that bring people together and, eventually, inspire us to bake more bread at home!


Artisan Bread in Five

 Best bread baking blogs

Photo credit: artisanbreadinfive

Jeff and Zoe, bloggers at Artisan Bread in Five and authors of various best-selling, award-winning bread baking books, are a force to be reckoned with. Their “movement” of mixing one dough, refrigerating it and using it for two weeks is pretty genius. If this doesn’t get you baking, nothing else will!


Pastry Affair

 Best bread baking blogs

Photo credit: Pastry affair

Kristin Rosenau, author of the blog Pastry Affair, once studied six years to be an astroparticle physicist. We don’t even know what that is! The good news is that Kristin had an affair — an affair with pastries: eating them, baking them, photographing them. Her chocolate cherry bread and Nutella swirled banana bread are on our baking list for the holiday season!


Flourish by King Arthur Flour

 Best bread baking blogs

Photo credit: http: kingarthurflour

By combining the words “flour” and “nourish”, Flourish is born, the baking blog by King Arthur Flour. The company behind some many baking recipes out there, KAF is America’s oldest flour company, founded in 1790 in Boston. We love their tried and true recipes like these soft white dinner rolls.


Wild Yeast

 Best bread baking blogs

Photo credit: wildyeastblog

After a short bread course at the San Francisco Baking Institute, Susan, the blogger behind Wild Yeast, was inspired to bake all things bread! Her recipe index is jam-packed with recipes from all over the world. One of our favorites, stollen, is a great one to have on hand for the holidays.


Bread Experience

 Best bread baking blogs

Photo credit: breadexperience

Browsing The Bread Experience, by Cathy, is like passing the pages on an all-bread encyclopedia. “The Bread Experience is about more than just baking wonderful bread. It’s about the whole process: beginning with the wheat growing in the field, to the mill where the wheat is ground into flour and then to the home baker who uses the flour to make loaves of wonderful bread.” And we love just that! Perfect for the autumn season is her recipe index of apple recipes!

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