Caramel turkey legs

Here’s a fun Thanksgiving twist on a classic caramel apple treat that folks will “gobble” up.

Caramel turkey legs |

Petite pears wrapped in caramel look a lot like turkey legs when you accessorize them with a pretzel and marshmallow bone. You might even have your Thanksgiving dinner guests wondering, “Is this Thanksgiving or April Fools’ Day?”

Caramel turkey legs recipe


  • 5 small pears (Anjou pears work well)
  • 5 pretzel rods
  • 3 ounces chocolate candy melts
  • 5 toasted coconut marshmallows
  • 1 package caramel apple wraps (found in most grocery stores, near the apples)



Prep ingredients

Gather ingredients. Break pretzel rods to approximately 5 inches long.
Melt chocolate candy melts in a bowl in the microwave.
Heat and stir, 30 seconds each time, until smooth.

Caramel turkey legs |


Dip pretzels in chocolate

Coat the bottom 2 inches of each pretzel rod with candy melt.
This keeps the pretzels from getting soggy after they’re inserted into the pears.
Allow to dry and harden.

Caramel turkey legs |


Core pears

Wash and dry pears. Core the middle of each pear so
that the pretzel rods can be inserted snugly, without breaking.

Caramel turkey legs |


Make turkey bones

To make the knobby turkey bone ends on the pretzel rods, pierce the marshmallow in the horizontal center with the pretzel rod. Trim the bottom corners off to form a heart shape.
Squeeze and pinch the marshmallow into the desired shape of a bone end.

Caramel turkey legs |


Insert turkey bones into pears

Insert candy-coated pretzel bones into cored pears.

Caramel turkey legs |


Warm caramel wrap

Warm a caramel wrap in the microwave for 5-7 seconds.
Stretch and enlarge it carefully, to accommodate the size of your pear.

Caramel turkey legs |


Wrap pears in caramel

Wrap each pear in caramel, stretching and covering all areas, cinching the wrap
at the top of the pear around the pretzel. Don’t worry about making them smooth.
In fact, rough and ragged is more realistic for a turkey leg!

Caramel turkey legs |


Refrigerate until ready

Refrigerate until ready to display and eat.

Caramel turkey legs |


Take a big bite!

Take a bite of your sweet and fruity turkey leg!

Caramel turkey legs |

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