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Best foodies to follow on Twitter

Twitter, with its 140 character limit, has created a universe of its own. The instant gratification of a tweet is something not even Facebook can beat. The thrill of your favorite celebrity chef following you and the culinary community that it has created are just a few of Twitter’s perks.

Meet today’s tastemakers in the culinary world: food bloggers, celebrity chefs, food writers and others who are letting the world take a peek into their lives, one tweet at a time.


Heidi Larsen

Heidi Larsen

Photo credit: @foodiecrush via Twitter

Bio: Lover of food bloggers and an amazing food blogger herself, @foodiecrush is the creator of an e-magazine by the same name. In her past, she designed print magazines for 20 years. Her present is composed of doing the same for electronic books such as Cookie Cravings.

Why we love her: Her gorgeous food styling and photography puts any national culinary magazine to shame!

Sample tweet: Oct. 24, 2013: “ ‘When through this life you journey, no matter what your goal, keep your eye upon the doughnut and not upon the hole.’ — my grandma


Alex Guarnaschelli

Alex Guarnaschelli

Photo credit: @guarnaschelli via Twitter

Bio: As Chopped judge and chef, @guarnaschelli is an all-around rock star! Her new cookbook, Old School Comfort Food, will get your creative juices flowing. Oh and let’s not forget she’s an Iron Chef on Food Network.

Why we love her: Her honest opinions on all things food.

Sample tweet: Oct. 28, 2013: “Can’t sleep. Making smothered pork chops with onions, white mushrooms & shallots. Supposed to be for dinner but looks like breakfast now...”


Yvette Marquez

Ivette Marquez

Photo credit: @muybuenocooking via Twitter

Bio: Follow @muybuenocooking and fall head over heels in love with Mexican cuisine. Three generations (Yvette’s mother and grandmother, as well as Yvette) create some amazing recipes on their blog Muy Bueno. Their cookbook is filled with traditional recipes as well as their own family favorites.

Why we love her: Her focus on family makes us want to sit around HER dinner table!

Sample tweet: Oct. 15, 2013: “Tonight’s salad — roasted acorn squash with pomegranate and pepitas.”


Richard Blais

Richard Blais

Photo credit: @RichardBlais via Twitter

Bio: Chef and restaurateur, as well as a TV personality and cookbook author, @RichardBlais does it all. He tweets his restaurant additions of the night, which will make you drool on your keyboard.

Why we love him: His laid-back personality on Twitter balances out his amazingly detailed recipes.

Sample tweet: Oct. 19, 2013: “A few fat scallops with burnt eggplant, black garlic & hearts of palm. See you tonight Atlanta! @TheSpenceATL


Brian Samuels

Brian Samuels

Photo credit: @myfoodthoughts via Twitter

Bio: Boston-based photographer and food blogger, @myfoodthoughts tweets insider peeks into his photo shoots at some of the most prominent Boston restaurants, photos of his adorable dog and, to make it even better, his husband @EricFrishman tweets #marriedtoafoodphotographer, a sweet parody as he has to wait for Brian to snap a photo before he can eat!

Why we love him: If you need anything Boston-related, Brian is your go-to guy. He blogs over at A Thought For Food.

Sample tweet: Oct. 23, 2013: “Not sure if it’s the onions I’m cooking or the wine I’m drinking, but I’m starting to feel pretty cozy.” 

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